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BBVA Podcast 03 Nov 2022

'Podcast': Oded Galor: Education and humanity's journey towards diversity

A professor at Brown University and founder of the Unified Growth Theory, Oded Galord has pioneered the exploration of the impact of evolutionary processes, population diversity and human development inequality. His research links these examples to economics.

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He has co-directed the research group on income distribution and macroeconomics and is a Professor and Research Associate at several universities and academic centers. He is also Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Economic Growth, Editor of the Journal of Population Economics and Co-editor of Macroeconomic Dynamics.

He has traditionally been compared to thinkers ranging from Charles Darwin to Albert Einstein, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine listed him as one of five candidates for the Nobel Prize in Economics. His recent essay, “The Journey of Humanity”, analyzes the reasons that allowed mankind to evolve.

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