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Online education and classes to take the lead at global financial education events due to coronavirus

March has traditionally been the month of financial education, with major events like Global Money Week. However, the postponement of this event due to the coronavirus crisis has made online education take the lead in order to keep the spirit of these days dedicated to financial education.

Global Money Week 

People who want to make the most of their time at home by learning about financial topics have the Global Money Week website and profiles on Twitter and Facebook, a source of online resources from around the world  -- from specialized reports and and studies to games and articles.

In addition, the organization is proposing ideas for activities that can be planned over time, as we await the announcement of a new date for Global Money Week.

European Money Week

Despite the cancellation of the in-person events planned for the week, the European Money Quiz will still be held -- a financial education contest for teams of 13 to 15 year olds from 30 European countries. The competitions in each participating country will be held online, although as the organization explains, “The national finals are left to the discretion of the local organization and the rules and guidelines applied in each specific situation.” During the contest, the students should answer the questions and pass the tests on the platform Kahoot! This year, the final competition of European Money Week, which was normally held in Brussels with the winning teams from each national edition, will be held online on April 29th. 

The organization allows anyone who wants to test their knowledge to playwithout having to register in the official competition. Maybe it’s time to organize a competition at home to see who knows the most about finance, answering the same questions as the participants. Those who are more confident and want to try more difficult questionnaires, can relive the final competition from past editions, and answer the questions that were asked to the winners. A good way to learn, refresh knowledge, and especially, stay entertained.

Mexico’s Financial Education Week

The month of March got off to a good start in terms of financial education in Mexico, with the presentation of the Financial Inclusion Plan by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) and the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP). The purpose of this plan is to reduce the gap in financial education and take advantage of new technologies to foster digital banking.

Recently, the Mexican government has published the online financial guide, Better to be Prepared’. This guide explains topics like how to open an online account and plan for retirement  in an educational and visual way, as well as information on different banks that provide financial services, such as BBVA Mexico. Digitalization and financial education are two of the bank’s important priorities. In 2019, it opened 2.2 million online accounts and held 5,423 financial education workshops, both in-person and online, with more than 75,000 beneficiaries.

BBVA EduFin Research Grants 

BBVA’s Center for Financial Education and Capability is joining these financial education initiatives with the ninth edition of its scholarship program, BBVA EduFin Research Grants. It is an international call for proposals that invites researchers and institutions to propose issues related to financial education in the world. The deadline to present proposals began on March 18th and lasts until May 18th at 11:59 PM (CET).

BBVA EduFin Research Grants will present a total of €50,000: three €10,000 awards and four €5,000 awards to finalist projects. The winners of the grants will be informed on June 15th by email.

For more information and to register, see this link.