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Mobility> Electric Bicycle 18 Oct 2021

Garanti BBVA introduces special loan for the purchase of electric bicycles


The popularity of electric bicycles has grown steadily in recent years. Not only do they make our lives easier, but they are a comfortable, portable, environmentally friendly means of transportation and, most importantly, they offer an alternative to traditional systems.

Garanti BBVA, guided by sustainability and energy efficiency, is looking to promote the use of electric bicycles, especially because of their contribution to the environment and the role they play in our lives. To this end, and in collaboration with Alba Elektrikli Ulaşım Sistemleri, the bank will offer a special loan for the purchase of this alternative means of transportation.

Emre Hatem, Director of Investment Banking and Finance at Garanti BBVA, emphasized the popularity of electric bicycles “because they are convenient, portable, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, they offer an alternative to traditional transport systems in terms of time and cost.” He also noted that customers who want to make alternative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and emission-free vehicles part of their lives can apply for a loan quickly thanks to the bank's collaboration with Alba. 

Similarly, Koray Öztopçu, Consumer Finance Director at Garanti BBVA, commented that one out of every two bicycles sold in 2025 is expected to be electric, and the percentage of electric bicycles is expected to rise by 20% annually in Turkey. "As part of the collaboration with Alba, we have made sure that customers who want an electric bicycle can easily access the loan. We at Garanti BBVA are delighted to add a new eco-friendly product," the Director concluded.

Bora Urş, CEO of Alba Elektrikli Ulaşım Sistemleri, meanwhile expressed his happiness and pride in offering this loan via its product sales channels in collaboration with Garanti BBVA. “I hope that, thanks to this collaboration, these products will be more accessible and reach users faster. Hopefully, they will set a precedent for different collaborations in the sector,” he concluded.

Existing Garanti BBVA customers and new customers opening an account for the first time can apply through Garanti BBVA Móvil or Garanti BBVA Internet Banking.

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