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Financial and commercial services Updated: 13 Oct 2017

Garanti Bank launches a new era in banking, transforming branches into the future

Garanti Bank, always focused on facilitating its customers’ lives with its approach of delivering innovative products and services, has launched a new service model with the aim of offering an all-around excellent banking experience. Within the scope of Garanti’s service model, which represents a new era in the Turkish banking sector, all Garanti branches are evolving into an innovative structure built on digitalization where the customers are able to benefit from all kinds of services in a one-stop banking system in the fastest and easiest manner.

Speaking at the press gathering organized to introduce Garanti’s new service model, CEO Fuat Erbil said: “Always launching innovations, leading the sector with its own designed and developed products and services, and achieving ultimate customer satisfaction in all channels with expert employees are some of the values that make Garanti great. In today’s conditions,  evolution and transformation are essential for sustainability. We are an organization that always imagines and designs the future, and together with all its employees, strives to offer what has never been offered before. And with this philosophy, we are now launching our new service model, which we believe will be the start of a new era in banking. With this new model, our business processes as well as our branches will transform into the future.”

Fuat Erbil also explained what they aimed with the new service model, and added: “I can summarize the results we intend to achieve with the new service model in four topics. In the new model, we are improving the quality of the services we provide for the customers, serving them in the fastest manner without making them wait. With the “one-stop banking” approach, we ensure that our employees have cross-functional skills, and therefore efficiency is improved. We enhance mobility, serving the customers not only in the branch but also on the go. And we are digitalizing all of our business processes and operations.

Image of Part of Garanti's team at the launch of the new offices. From left to right, Cemal Onaran (EVP, SME Banking), Hüsnü Erel (EVP,Techonology and Operations), Fuat Erbil (CEO), Didem Dinçer Başer (EVP, Digital Banking), Mahmut Akten (EVP, Retail Banking)

Part of Garanti's team at the launch of the new branches. From left to right, Cemal Onaran (EVP, SME Banking), Hüsnü Erel (EVP,Techonology and Operations), Fuat Erbil (CEO), Didem Dinçer Başer (EVP, Digital Banking) and Mahmut Akten (EVP, Retail Banking). - Garanti

Fuat Erbil added: "Our employees, one of the key components of our main strategy, are an integral and complementary part of this project with their skills and improved technologies. I hope our new service model, which truly excites us all at Garanti, will create value for all of our customers, the Garanti family, and our sector.”

Hüsnü Erel, Garanti Bank Vice President – Technology and Operations said: “The new service model represents a major change for Garanti Bank. We aim to take Garanti branches to the future with the innovations we are introducing in all areas ranging from our service structure and ways of doing business to the branch designs. As always, our objective is to lead the sector once again, and make a difference. So far, we have completed transformation of 65 branches within the project scope, and started offering our customers a brand new banking experience. We plan to have all branches provide services in the new concept swiftly.”

Hüsnü Erel also provided detailed information about the new service model, “With our principle of ‘serving the customers everywhere’ and our new service model, we will provide fast and quality one-stop banking services in the branches, in the digital channels and also through proactive sales calls. We currently reach 5,6 million users through Garanti Cep mobile app and  Garanti online banking site; and now we have digital guidance officers in the branches to better explain these channels and show their benefits to the customers. Furthermore, we introduced improvements in tablet banking to ensure that our employees can serve the customers anywhere. So, from now on our customers will not need to sign pages of documents at the end of their transactions, and instead use the tablets in the branches or their own smart phones to log in to the online banking system, and complete the confirmation process quickly and easily. As a part of the project, we eliminated the usual bank counters, and created a structure where each customer will be seated and served in one stop. I hope our new service model, which will bring the speed and convenience of digitalization to our branches as well, will be beneficial for all of us.”