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01 Jun 2021

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24 Jun 2020


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The future will never look the same. If one were to scour news articles and studies around the current health situation, one will find that a good portion of medical experts will convey this concept. It’s difficult to say what the future will look like in multiple facets of society, but it’s safe to say that the ripple effects will be prominent, at least in the beginning.

07 Jan 2020

17 Dec 2019

Forbes contributor Blake Morgan highlighted in a recent article that digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand. She goes on to share 100 statistics that demonstrate the growth and importance of digital transformation and its impact on customer experience, as well as the digital challenges and opportunities that companies are likely to face in the future.

03 Oct 2019

15 Aug 2019

29 Mar 2019

BBVA Compass Atascosita Branch Retail Executive Liz Zweifel recently said of the bank’s efforts around mobile engagement, “It’s important to make sure our customers understand we aren’t pushing them away, we just want them to have access to another resource and another connection.”

26 Mar 2019

Thirty years ago this month the internet came online giving consumers the ability to educate themselves on various products and services long before they ever spoke to an expert. For financial services, it signaled a shift in how bankers worked with customers.

22 Mar 2019

20 Mar 2019

Not long ago, banks that offered mobile apps were few and those that did essentially offered a convenient way for customers to check their account balance. Today, choosing a bank with no mobile app would be a non-starter for most customers.

08 Mar 2019

01 Oct 2018

Customer journeys in banking are a bit like a romance, from the initial meeting when you’re trying to figure out if the bank and its products and channels are right for you, to the building of the relationship where of you learn more about each other, and finally to the engagement and marriage of what will hopefully be a happy, productive and successful long-term relationship.

10 Sep 2018

21 May 2018

15 Mar 2018

BBVA Compass customer David Everett never imagined when he deposited his Christmas bonus via the BBVA Compass Mobile App that he’d be rewarded with $10,000 simply for doing so.

So, when he got the January phone call saying he was the bank’s Sign In & Win Sweepstakes grand prize winner, Everett didn’t believe it. According to Director of Multi-Channel Sales and Promotion Cody Sparks, the fact that it was so easy to deposit his check - and in the process win $10,000 - is precisely why the bank conducted the sweepstakes.

12 Oct 2017

Garanti Bank, always focused on facilitating its customers’ lives with its approach of delivering innovative products and services, has launched a new service model with the aim of offering an all-around excellent banking experience. Within the scope of Garanti’s service model, which represents a new era in the Turkish banking sector, all Garanti branches are evolving into an innovative structure built on digitalization where the customers are able to benefit from all kinds of services in a one-stop banking system in the fastest and easiest manner.

29 Apr 2017

The digital revolution has changed the rules, personal relations, business, communication and the way everyone uses their time. The impact of technology is always associated with achieving greater freedom, but it has also pushed us to levels of distraction and dependence that have changed how engage with the world.

The impact is profound, but hard to measure accurately. Sociologist and economist Manuel Castells believes that people, companies and institutions feel how profound this technological change is, “but when closely examined through rigorous empirical research, the speed and scope of the transformation turns out to not be exact.”

24 Mar 2017

21 Mar 2017

17 Feb 2017

01 Feb 2017

29 Nov 2016

16 Nov 2016

22 Sep 2016

The banking core is undergoing a transformation to be able to connect with the customer at any time and at any place: with the cloud, Business to Business (B2B) connections, Business to Consumer (B2C), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Big Data and IoT sensors. All these ways of communication must coexist and the challenge for banking is to improve them every day to meet current expectations.

27 Jun 2016

The digital consumer is not aware that he/she is any different to the traditional consumer. Along these lines, Brian Solis, leading analyst at Altimeter Group, analyzes how a company should change its strategy and place the customer at the center of its business.

09 Oct 2015