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Technology> APPs Updated: 26 Oct 2017

Esri embeds BBVA’s commercial statistics API in its smart maps

Esri, a global leader in Geographic Information Systems and BBVA API Market, have rolled out a collaboration project to embed BBVA's 'API PayStats' in Esri’s platform. The aim is to enable companies and public institutions to make business decisions based on customers’ actual commercial behavior.


Starting now, users of the ArcGIS platform will be able to use the statistical data provided by the PayStats API. This integration will allow users to visualize and analyze the economic and demographic details of transactions carried out using BBVA bank cards and POS terminals in Spain, with historical data going back four years.

PayStats will deploy a new commercial intelligence layer in its Esri maps, which will enable a broad range of applications, such as identifying spending behavior patterns, implementing predictive models about consumer habits, determining the best location for a business, identifying opportunities in the tourist industry or improving urban mobility.


Maps from ArcGIS's application. - ArcGIS

A leap forward in commercial intelligence

The ArcGIS platform, consisting of baseline maps and a comprehensive catalogue of geographic and socio-demographic information, draws from multiple sources of data, both public and private. BBVA’s new API will allow to access a new source of information using the ArcGIS user-friendly and self-service tools, including scoreboards and interactive smart maps.

“We want to help our customers make better decisions based on knowledge of the economic activity in their territory,” said María Dolores Fernández, Esri Content Manager in Spain.

“Esri’s ArcGIS is the perfect solution for allowing any business or institution to benefit from access to BBVA’s anonymized datasets, through its wide range of easy-to-use functionalities” said Raúl Lucas, Head of BBVA’s API Market.