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Innovation Updated: 21 Aug 2017

Hugo Najera: "Innovation is the process that, by leveraging technology, allows us to get closer to the customer"

Being able to get to know the customer. This is one of the objectives of the bank of the future that Hugo Najera, BBVA Chief Innovation Officer, stressed in an interview in Leaners Magazine. And how do you achieve it? Innovation is one of the cornerstones in which BBVA supports its strategy to achieve it.


To complement the information generated by the bank internally with the data coming from outside. This is one of the keys that Hugo Nájera, BBVA Chief Innovation Officer, in an interview in Leaners Magazine, to be increasingly a costumer centric bank.


Hugo Najera stressed that one of the Group's main objectives is to “seek the proper way to correctly get closer to the financial services user and to do so from an efficiency standpoint”. In this regard, he stressed that innovation is “the process that, by leveraging technology, allows us to get closer to the customer”.

In his opinion, “the bank cannot adequately prepare for the future without the necessary transformation through innovation” in areas such as the supply chain, customer focus and efficient work, the Chief Innovation Officer of the BBVA Group pointed out.

Najera also pointed out what the new spaces in which the Group are competing are that have enabled it to become a benchmark in the financial industry's technological transformation. The first is the one that leads to branchless banking and the second to Big Data, he highlighted.

In this interview, the BBVA Chief Innovation Officer highlighted the work being done at BBVA in the area of Big Data. “We are working in Barcelona and Madrid, giving relevant information about how people live in these cities, with heat maps and live experiences minute by minute on the city's commercial life” by analyzing the use of cards and POS.