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Data> Big Data 07 Aug 2017

The top ten Twitter accounts on big data

Many big data experts share valuable insights on Twitter.  These are the ten essential names that must be followed to state up to date on this technology.

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Big data is a discipline in which mathematics, computing, strategy and even graphic design - for data visualization purposes - play a key role.  And although Twitter is maybe better known for the kind of lighter nature of the debates it hosts - from Game of Thrones to a football game - the blue bird’s social network is a good source of information to keep up to date on all the relevant aspects of this booming discipline .

@kirkdborne 162,000 followers

Kirk Borne is a famous data scientist. For 12 years he worked as a professor of Astrophysics and Computational Sciences at George Mason University (Virginia, USA), and in 2015 he switched classrooms for offices after being recruited by the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. He tweets frequently, mostly on big data, from a technical viewpoint.

@mjcavaretta 13,400 followers

Ph.D. of Philosophy and Computational Science, Michael Cavaretta is a very active tweeter. His account is especially relevant for those interested in everything related to the implications of big data in the automotive industry. He joined Ford in 1998, taking over the company’s analytics and data responsibilities. Cavaretta currently leads a team of more than 400 people focused on big data automotive and mobility applications.

@BernardMarr 89,900 followers

Bernard Marr fits the archetype of the international lecturer and successful writer on a specific discipline. In this case, his area of expertise is big data.  A regular contributor to Forbes magazine, he shares through his Twitter profile passages about his life on the go and his many articles on data science.

@hmason 94,600 followers  

According to her Twitter bio, founder of 'big data' and technology consulting firm Fast Forward Labs Hilary Mason loves cheeseburgers and data, but tweets fundamentally about the latter. Her account is also sprinkled with current news - especially political - and many retweets from other interesting accounts. More enjoyable and less technical than the previous three.

@AndrewYNg 159,000 followers

Basically, Andrew Ng tweets about machine learning and robotics, but he has a broad professional life. He is associate professor of Computational Science at Stanford University and senior executive of the Chinese Internet giant Baidu, as well as founder and co-chair of Coursera, an online education platform born in the heart of the Californian university. In spite of his imposing resume, Ng is an entertaining tweeter, who likes to engage in debates.

@mrogati 33,000 followers

Of Romanian descent, Monica Rogati is a data scientist whose tweets address virtually all the issues that draw attention from the Silicon Valley community, where she works as an independent professional, both for companies and for Stanford University. Previously, she held executive positions at LinkedIn and wearables manufacturer Jawbone.

@peteskomoroch 39,400 followers

After a successful stint at AOL and, especially, LinkedIn, Peter Skoromoch set up his own company, Skip Frag. All this, with a common professional link: big data and artificial intelligence. He is a great expert on the subject and usually addresses breaking stories and advances from a technical point of view.

@TheDataAgent 61,200 followers

Mark Stevenson has an unusual career in this field: He holds a degree in Politics and History from the University of Sheffield, England, his country. But his professional career has led him to focus on the world of data, holding in a number of jobs in Singapore, London or Tokyo. Anyone who is aware of the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on the job market will find his account worth a visit.

@Ronald_vanLoon 96,300 followers

Dutch blogger and lecturer Ronald Van Loon specializes in big data and the internet of things. He publishes content very often and shares mainly professional content. As in the case of Skoromoch, he usually addresses topics from a technical perspective.

@jeremywaite 107,000 followers  

After working in, among other companies, Salesforce and Adobe, Jeremy Waite is now at IBM. The position stated on his business card is especially interesting: Strategic Marketing Evangelist for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In other words, Waite travels around the world talking about big data, artificial intelligence and, of course, Watson, IBM’s bet on this field. On Twitter he talks about Watson, but also about other personal interests, such as sports.