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Jóvenes 25 Mar 2024

BBVA gives a voice to the problems that concern Generation Z

BBVA ‘Aprendemos juntos 2030’ is debuting the second season of ‘Desafios’ (Challenges), the program in which Generation Z talks about its challenges. In the seven years since it was launched, the global project has surpassed three billion views and has over eight million followers.

Every episode of ‘Desafíos’ unites teenagers from different countries and realities in order to discover, debate and share the challenges they are currently facing. “The generation that will lead our future speaks loudly and clearly. Never before have we been so prepared and never before were there so many forums to speak so frankly. We have sat down with them, we have given them the space and freedom to allow them to express themselves and demonstrate that they can change the world,” explained Carlos Pérez Beruete, Global Head of Marketing and Digital Sales at BBVA.

Each episode has experts who, through their experience, guide the discussions among more than 100 young people from countries like Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and Uruguay, among others, to reflect on ten challenges related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Image and its impact on self-esteem, the importance of role models, love at different stages of life, the future role of artificial intelligence in society, the search for a sustainable lifestyle, and bullying are some of the topics that will be addressed in the second season. For the first topic, the actor Jaime Llorente, who reached global fame thanks to shows like ‘Money Heist’ (Casa de Papel) or ‘Elite’, reflects on the secrets and pitfalls of success.

What is success in life? With Jaime Lorente | 'Desafíos' (Challenges) - BBVA Aprendemos juntos 2030

“We wanted to get closer to young people this season, with content based on the big issues that are connected to their real interests. All of this with a very visual language, fresh editing with a lot of rhythm,” Pérez Beruete added. The success of the format lies in the depth and sincerity of the conversations and the cultural diversity of the youth, facilitating a safe environment so they are the ones who break down the stereotypes society places on them.

In this regard, the testimonies of the protagonists from the recognizable stage of ‘Aprendemos juntos’ join the personal stories of youth from their homes, giving a more intimate look at their personal universes.

A leading educational platform in Spanish

The ‘Desafios’ initiative is part of BBVA’s ‘Aprendemos juntos 2030’, which continues to grow seven years after its launch. The global project’s content has reached over three billion views on all the challenges where it is distributed (YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter). The project also has a community of more than eight million followers. This has made it the educational platform with the greatest impact in Spanish.

In addition to the program dedicated to youth, the channel also features interviews with international leaders and inspiring videos, for which it has gained international recognition, the KIDS channel for young children and educational methodologies to help teachers, families and educators.