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Social> Quality Education Updated: 08 Sep 2018

BBVA launches the Center for Financial Education and Capability

Promoting financial knowledge and helping people acquire the skills that allow them to improve their lives and access better opportunities. That’s the goal of the Center for Financial Education and Capability – the center BBVA is launching in collaboration with globally renowned institutions and organizations.

BBVA has spent nearly a decade promoting financial education and capacity building through in-person and online workshops in all the countries where the bank has a presence. The bank is now launching the Center for Financial Education and Capability, an online platform that seeks to channel all this acquired experience to promote progress and equal opportunities. And without a doubt, to bring the age of opportunity to everyone.

BBVA is partnering with internationally renowned organizations in financial education and inclusion in this initiative. This includes the World Bank, the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the European Banking Federation, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Ibero-American General Secretariat, the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC), the Centre for Financial Inclusion, as well as a wide range of institutions from the public sector, specialized associations, consumers groups, and NGOs, who share their knowledge and experience through the Advisory Board.

Welcome to the Center for Financial Education and Capability

Knowledge platform

The Center for Financial Education and Capability ( is an online global platform on financial knowledge that makes carefully selected publications on financial skills and financial education easily accessible to everyone. It also includes a complete catalogue of programs and initiatives promoted by top organizations in the sector due to their innovative nature, efficiency and scope.

On, users will find the most relevant content on financial inclusion, the importance of building financial skills at an early age, the ideal times to learn financial capabilities, the relationship between health and financial management,  the relevance of financial knowledge for entrepreneurs, as well as many other interesting materials.

The other main goal of BBVA’s initiative is to serve as a global forum for academic research and analysis by creating spaces to discuss a wide range of topics related to financial education and capacity building

The Center will also focus on the interaction between the financial and digital world and its impact on the ability to manage financial products and services. Therefore, the creation of educational solutions through new technologies, the fintech universe, the application of behavioral science and artificial intelligence are strategic priorities in the research the Center seeks to promote.

Financial education as a social value

It’s important to clarify that the Center for Financial Education and Capability is designed for experts from public and private organizations, scholars and researchers, non-profit organizations, and everyone who is interested in the importance of financial education and seeking to find the latest trends and work on the subject.

As BBVA’s Executive Director and the Head of the Center’s Advisory Board, José Manuel González-Páramo indicated, “Financial education has a high social value for societies and people.  Raising awareness of the need for financial education and promoting research on the topic is crucial.”

In this regard, Antoni Ballabriga, the Global Head of Responsible Business at BBVA, stresses that “It was important to create an open and inclusive center that brought together all relevant actors in financial education and financial capabilities.”

A long tradition

BBVA is one of the top global actors in the world of financial education and financial training. Over the past nine years, the bank has invested more than €60 million in the development of financial education programs. More than seven million people from all social levels and in all countries where the bank has a presence had the opportunity to receive training as a result of these programs.

BBVA’s commitment to financial education includes programs designed for children and young people, adults and SMEs. These programs offer workshops, videos and a series of different tools and financial advice that allow users to gain knowledge and acquire skills that help them make the best financial decisions – and as a result, have access to the best opportunities.