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13 May 2024

The new Salt exhibition, ‘Hava Dair’ (About the Air)  aims to give life to the social and environmental aspects of air pollution through a series of different experiments. The exhibition, which is sponsored by Garanti BBVA, was designed by the Milan-based design studio 2050+ for Salt's Beyoğlu location. It can be visited free of charge until August 18th.

17 Apr 2024

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences category goes to American psychologist Elke Weber in recognition of her research into “environmental decision-making and human responses to climate change.” Weber was the first psychologist to join the IPCC, a group of experts to which she brought her knowledge of decision-making theory.

07 Apr 2024


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In the fifth chapter of BBVA Greenfluencers we share with you the experience of the international fund/asset manager Amundi, which began its journey towards sustainability years ago, convinced that ESG criteria would be the future of finance. Meet Yerlan Syzdykov, Global Head of Emerging Markets at Amundi Asset Management, who explains how Amundi assesses the ESG risks and opportunities emerging in Latin America.

06 Mar 2024

31 Jan 2024

The research undertaken by Mexican ecologists Gerardo Ceballos (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and Rodolfo Dirzo (Stanford University) in Latin America and Africa has shown that the current species extinction rates in many groups of organisms are much higher than throughout the preceding two million years, according to the committee of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Ecology and Conservation Biology.

24 Oct 2023

BBVA Chair Carlos Torres Vila, together with over 100 chairs or CEOs of large global companies, signed a declaration calling on the global leaders participating in the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai (COP28) to commit to “transformative policies and actions.” “Every fraction of a degree counts in the race to net zero,” explains this open letter from the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

23 Oct 2023

27 Jul 2023

Droughts are abnormally dry periods, in which multiple factors are involved and which have important consequences for the environment and societies. An estimated 55 million people are directly affected by droughts every year, and they could harm as many as three out of four people worldwide by 2050, according to the UN. BBVA delves into this complex phenomenon in the new report 'Cuando falta el agua: claves para hacer frente a la sequía' (When water is scarce: keys to face drought).

05 Jul 2023

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) experts have just warned that El Niño, a natural phenomenon that arises in the Pacific Ocean and shapes weather around the world, has started up again. So their forecasts, which a few months ago indicated that there was a 55% chance that El Niño would re-emerge in the second half of 2023, have proven to be accurate. But this is bad news. Because El Niño poses the danger of a new global temperature change.

03 May 2023

Spanish households with higher consumption emit more CO2 than those with lower expenditure, although this difference is accentuated by transport use patterns, while emissions from food and energy are less unevenly distributed. By age, adults aged between 35 and 40 emit 6.9 tons of CO2 per year on average, 10% more than the average Spanish adult, according to the report ‘The Carbon Footprint of Spanish Households’ by BBVA Research.

05 Apr 2023

12 Jan 2023

11 Jan 2023

Paleoclimatologists James Zachos (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA) and Ellen Thomas (Yale University and Wesleyan University, USA) identified an anomalous episode  in the planet’s history in which massive emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere occurred, causing a global temperature rise of between 5 and 6 ºC and a massive extinction of species in the deep ocean, which has provided “a very valuable analogy of anthropogenic climate change”, according to the jury of the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Climate Change.

15 Dec 2022

Garanti BBVA was once again included in CDP’s global ‘A list’ for its climate change program thanks to the bank’s sustainability efforts, especially in climate change and inclusive growth. CDP’s climate change program is considered one of the world’s most important reporting platforms. Garanti BBVA has been reporting to the organization’s climate change program, and the public, since 2009, and to the CDP water program since 2015. The bank continues to be the main support of CDP in Türkiye.

13 Dec 2022

23 Nov 2022

17 Nov 2022


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María Mendiluce, CEO of the We Mean Business coalition, shared her vision of the energy transition, the challenges of decarbonization and how these changes could affect the economy. "There has never been a more pressing need. It also has a very positive effect on people's pockets. It’s good for the economy and for the planet," she said in conversation with BBVA's Global Head of Sustainability, Javier Rodríguez Soler, in the framework of 'Companies with a Sustainable Future.'

20 Sep 2022

01 Jun 2022

10 May 2022

22 Apr 2022


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At an altitude of 3,812 meters, Lake Titicaca is not only the highest navigable lake in the world but also, according to magical Inca legends, the origin of Mother Earth, its first inhabitants, the sun and the moon. On the 52nd anniversary of International Earth Day, under the motto "invest in our planet", the great Titicaca is in a critical moment due to pollution and climate change.

29 Mar 2022

23 Feb 2022

02 Feb 2022

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Ecology and Conservation Biology has gone in this fourteenth edition to the ecologists Lenore Fahrig, Simon Levin and Steward Pickett for incorporating the spatial dimension into ecosystem research.The three award winners have made fundamental contributions both to the development of the theory and mathematics of spatial ecology, and to its application to the design of nature reserve areas, wildlife management plans, as well as road networks and sustainable cities, according to the jury.

12 Nov 2021

BBVA Chairman Carlos Torres Vila, met this Thursday at the bank's headquarters in Madrid with the President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Mauricio Claver-Carone. This meeting is part of a series of working meetings that representatives of BBVA and the BBVA Microfinance Foundation will hold with members of the IDB. Sustainability was one of the issues on the agenda, in particular, support for the decarbonization of emerging countries, and especially in Latin America, as well as financial inclusion and the promotion of foreign investment in the region.

04 Nov 2021

This week, the BBVA Chairman participated in the COP26 in Glasgow, where he called for concrete commitments and credible actions from everyone, public and private sector, to move toward the decarbonization of the planet. Carlos Torres Vila pointed out the need to “increase investment” in new non-polluting technologies to fight climate change. For this to happen, private capital, and specifically banks, “play a critical role” in helping and engaging with clients in their transition towards a more sustainable future with finance and advice.

05 Aug 2021

In response to the devastating forest fires that have spread throughout several regions of Turkey, Garanti BBVA announced a donation of one million saplings to the TEMA Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the fight against erosion and desertification through reforestation and the protection of natural habitats.

28 Jun 2021

31 May 2021

The BBVA Chairman believes that 2020 has been a turning point in the drive for sustainability. He explained that climate change and decarbonisation represent not only a risk but also an enormous opportunity for both the economy and for banks. Firstly, because of the investments involved, and secondly, because of the importance of advising customers on their ecological transition. "Banks are moving fast to tackle this change head on, involving the whole organisation, because sustainability and climate change affect all businesses".

29 Apr 2021

In the past five years, the social call to action to build a more sustainable world has spread at great speed, according to the BBVA Research report ‘Sustainability through the Lens of Big Data’. The study underscores that while climate change is still leading the conversation, biodiversity is emerging as the concept with the greatest growth —especially in Latin America— and it is expected to be one of the pillars that will mark the sustainability debate in the short and medium term.