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María Rueda Cruz

11 Apr 2017

Their survival was one of the greatest achievements in American flight of the 20th Century.  Their mission has been called “the most successful space failure in history.” The Apollo 13 space mission was launched 47 years ago today, on April 11th, 1970. Its crew didn´t know then what their destiny would be, the dangers they would face, or how famous that phrase would become, as it was broadcast and translated – erroneously – around the world. There was even a movie made about their story.

08 Mar 2017

Wanted: entrepreneurs, CEOs, mathematicians, scientists. The fintech world needs more female talent. This is the irrefutable conclusion of the many different studies on the subject. Experts say it isn’t simply a question of numbers. There are also much more profound factors that could benefit industries such as the fintech sector. Given their influence in the global economy, women can help develop specific products and solutions for needs that have not yet been identified, or sufficiently explored.

27 Feb 2017

23 Feb 2017

New York, Oslo, Vitoria or Bogotá… The world’s largest - and not so large – cities compete to be recognized as the ‘smartest’. But, what exactly is a ‘smart city’? Cities are trying to innovate to improve the living standards of their inhabitants

13 Feb 2017

A plug-in is an essential add-on that expands a navigator’s ability, allowing users to watch a television show or videos on YouTube, for instance. The Chrome Web Store has thousands of plug-ins that make life a little bit easier for users – or at least brighten their day.

10 Jan 2017

05 Jan 2017

2016 have brought a quantum leap for society in the adoption of new technologies. Slowly but surely biometrics, virtual reality, domotics and cryptocurrencies are making inroads in consumers' daily activities, and many of the advances predicted in "Back to the future" are now a reality. What's in store in 2017?

02 Jan 2017

If Google, Uber, Apple, Amazon, Tesla have it their way, 2017 will be the year of the transport revolution. A revolution that will inexorably disrupt markets and societies, with a fresh new wave of self-driving, electrical, connected, faster and sustainable vehicles.