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22 Feb 2017

02 Mar 2016

24 Feb 2016

22 Feb 2016

It is increasingly common to hear that the Spanish language is becoming impoverished as a result of the general lack of knowledge about our own lexical diversity. Fundéu BBVA, in partnership with Molino de Ideas, wanted to leave behind these preconceptions and conduct an in-depth study of the written press in Spain from 1914 to 2014 as part of its Aracne project. Its work will contribute to improve the use of Spanish and offer a full picture of how society changes through language.

11 Feb 2016

The measurement of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and programs is acquiring an increasing relevance in companies. For the last four years, BBVA has been using the rsc2 methodology, proposed by McKinsey and developed in Spain with the Seres Foundation, to measure the social and financial impact of its actions in this field. The results of applying this methodology is revealing very valuable information to better manage these actions and contribute to them really being sustainable.

08 Feb 2016

The world is currently facing the biggest forced migration crisis since the Second World War. Approximately 60 million people have had to leave their homes because of war, persecution or unstainable conditions in their home country. In the report “Obstacle Course To Europe: A Policy-Made Humanitarian Crisis At EU Borders”, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) warns of the desperate situation of refugees arriving in Europe.

The Finish ecologist Ilkka Hanski has been awarded the BBVA Foundation Fronteras del Conocimiento (Frontiers of Knowledge) award for the Ecology and Biology of Conservation category. The jury recognized this scientist’s work in creating a new branch of ecology, known as metapopulation biology, combining field work with mathematical models to examine how habitat fragmentation by human actions affects species.

28 Jan 2016

20 Jan 2016

15 Jan 2016

12 Jan 2016

08 Jan 2016