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13 Feb 2018

Former Marine and new back end developer Jake Downard gets his day started early. While we could easily attribute that to his Marine training, he’s more likely to tell you that it’s because he’s just excited about his job.

Downard is a part of a team of back end developers at BBVA Compass, but he’s among an elite group trained at one of Birmingham’s newest programs to help develop a tech workforce among the underemployed and unemployed in the burgeoning tech city. The program, dubbed I Am Bham, is part of the Innovate Birmingham Workforce Development program, a set of three educational pathways that were funded by a nearly $6 million America’s Promise grant awarded to the city in 2016. BBVA Compass is among the program’s 30 some odd hiring partners.

10 Oct 2017

The development of new technologies as a means to alleviate workloads is part of the day to day running of businesses. Increasingly, robots, artificial intelligence, and computer algorithms are taking over humans in the execution of mechanical tasks. However, many theoreticians are wary of the consequences this development will bring upon the workplace. Darrel M. West discusses the impact of these emerging technologies on society in the book ‘The Next Step. Exponential Life’, which can be downloaded for free from the BBVA OpenMind project website.

08 Mar 2017

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Almost seventy years since it was first recognized as a universal right, in 1948, gender equality is still far from being a done deal. Indeed, despite representing 50% of the labor workforce, women are responsible for just 37% of the world’s GDP. According to the World Economic Forum, a series of measures are expedited, economic gender equality will not be achieved for another 170 years.

02 Nov 2016

11 May 2016

BBVA Research maintains Spain’s growth forecast at 2.7% for the 2016-2017 two year period, according to its recent report Spain Economic Outlook. Chief Economist for the BBVA Group and Director of BBVA Research, Jorge Sicilia, and Chief Economist of Developed Economies at BBVA Research Rafael Doménech presented the report today. BBVA Research indicates that “in 2Q16, the economy could see four consecutive quarters of GDP growth around 0.8% (3.2% annualized), which would mean an upward bias for 2016 forecasts.” The growth of the Spanish economy is expected to create approximately one million jobs in two years. However, some strongholds are weakening. This and other foreseen risks mean a downward bias for growth in 2017.