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Music Updated: 02 Nov 2018

Meet Maico, the voice of the new BBVA song

They say that islanders tend to be reserved, and take their time to open up.  Miguel, Nito, Joan, Emilio and Ángel could all be said to fit the stereotype, except when they talk about music. They are Maico, the group tasked with singing BBVA's sound identity, ‘How we dream’.


Miguel is the voice, fragile and harmonious;  Nito with his guitar is the rocker; Joan provides harmony at the keyboards;  while Emilio keeps the beat on his bass and Ángel brings energy on the drums.  These five guys from Palma de Mallorca are united by their shared passion for music and their dream of making their passion their career.

Maico knows the meaning of transformation very well. They started life as a trio producing melodic music, and then decided to reinvent themselves as a band with a strong electric and rock component.  Grounded in pop, Maico's music features rock, soul, techno and electronic sounds. All five members have very diverse influences, and this can be seen when they compose their songs.

Their first album ‘Emotional Tourist' is a good example of the mixture of styles and genres they cover. For Joan, the group's keyboardist: “Everyone has a reaction to Emotional Tourist, because people can identify with each song. How we dream is now the crowning touch to this first work”.

Accustomed as they are to playing their own songs, interpreting a piece written by someone else was a challenge they approached with great enthusiasm. According to Nito, How we dream is a song that inspires a lot of energy and power, just like another of their own compositions, so it was easy to bring the song to their own terrain and make it their own.


Maico during the interview with BBVA.

Miguel admits that when they were initially invited to interpret the song he didn't know there was such as thing as a brand's sound identity. This first reaction of incredulity soon gave way to enthusiasm and motivation for the project.

‘How we dream’ talks about dreams, opportunities and the importance of teamwork –three elements that are part of Maico's DNA. According to Ángel, this opportunity is the reward for all the hard work they have invested up until this point. It represents the leap they needed so their music would reach more people, and for them to achieve what they really want, namely to make their living from their music. According to Emilio: “This opportunity is one of those moments in your life when you just have to take a leap of faith. None of us had the slightest doubt that we needed to go for it”.

Very personal...