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2022, the year that BBVA’s growth strategy gained momentum

The year 2022 has been packed with significant milestones for BBVA. The Group has proactively promoted its strategy for profitable growth. Proof of this is the fact that BBVA acquired 34 million new customers in four years. In 2022 alone, it expects to reach a new record of 11 million. Furthermore, BBVA increased its stake in Garanti BBVA, its Turkish franchise, to 86 percent in May following the end of the takeover bid that was launched at the close of 2021. In terms of shareholder distributions, in August, BBVA completed a share buyback program that began in 2021, and increased the October dividend by 50 percent compared to the same month a year earlier. BBVA also made progress in two other strategic priorities: innovation and sustainability. Regarding the former, the investment in the Brazilian digital bank Neon and the creation of Spark, an area of banking for innovative, high-growth companies, stand out. In terms of sustainability, BBVA once again raised its sustainable business target to €300 billion between 2018 - 2025, 50 percent higher than its previous goal.

Over 11 million customers use BBVA’s financial health functions

By the end of 2021, there were over 11.7 million BBVA customers who use the bank’s financial health digital tools. This represents a 48 percent increase from the nearly eight million people who used these features the previous year.


BBVA launches two technology centers in Bilbao and plans to hire 200 professionals in two years

BBVA will create 200 jobs in two years, with the launch of two technology centers in Bilbao. These facilities will have people with specialized backgrounds such as IT, telecommunications and systems engineers, industrial engineers, and mathematicians.


BBVA invests 300 million dollars in Brazilian digital bank Neon

Founded in 2016, Neon provides access to financial services for individuals, the self-employed and small businesses in Brazil, and has 15 million registered accounts. This investment follows an unprecedented wave of technology disruption, with strong growth in digital and innovative models, especially in the financial sector. Along with a clear commitment to innovation, the investment gives BBVA exposure to the retail banking business in Brazil, one of the markets with the greatest potential in the world.


BBVA provides aid to respond to the Ukraine emergency

BBVA launched a donation campaign among its customers and employees in Spain to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The bank also set up free transfers from its retail customers to Ukraine.