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BBVA’s Board of Directors is to propose the appointment of two new members, Cristina de Parias, (as external board member) and Enrique Casanueva (as independent). They both have extensive experience and expertise in banking, having held top positions in financial institutions in key markets for BBVA. Furthermore, the female representation at the Group's Board will now increase from six to seven women, of a total of 15 members (47 percent), while the number of independent members will remain a majority, at 67 percent.

BBVA’s senior leadership predicted on Tuesday that the bank has the ability to enhance its results in 2024, after publishing record-breaking profit in 2023. BBVA Chair Carlos Torres Vila underscored that “2023 was an excellent year for BBVA and 2024 will be even better.” This growth, he explained, will allow BBVA to have a greater impact on its shareholders, customers, employees and society as a whole. “Our net attributable profit will continue to grow this year,” stated CEO Onur Genç during the presentation of the bank’s annual results in Madrid.

Garanti BBVA announced its 2023 earnings. The bank’s net income for the year stood at TL 86.91 billion, total assets reached TL 2.20 trillion and the loan portfolio of cash and non-cash loans was TL 1.61 trillion. Deposits remained the main source of funding, representing 73 percent of the bank’s total assets with TL 1.6 trillion. This represents an increase of 77 percent in 2023. Garanti BBVA’s capital adequacy ratio was 16.5 percent,* return on average equity (ROAE) was 44.5 percent and return on average assets (ROAA) was 4.9 percent.

BBVA, together with Bank of America Securities and Citigroup Capital Markets, led Ecopetrol’s new issuance of corporate debt in the U.S. market in the amount of $1.85 billion. This placement consolidates BBVA’s role as one of the top financial institutions in the structuring, placement and sale of corporate bonds.

Davos will be held in Switzerland from January 15th - 19th with the theme ‘Rebuilding trust’. The event organized by the World Economic Forum will bring together over 100 governments, major international organizations and around 1,000 companies, as well as civil society leaders, renowned experts, young agents of change, social entrepreneurs and the media. Davos 2024 is an opportunity to reflect on the key challenges facing the world, marked by the geopolitical tensions of recent years, but also by the trends that will define the future, such as the decarbonization of the economy and artificial intelligence.

BBVA has updated the Group's Tax Strategy, last published in 2015. The bank thereby addresses rising interest among analysts, investors and wider society in corporate decisions with an impact on environmental, social and good governance issues. The new strategy strengthens the governance, oversight and control structure by creating a specific tax compliance body and integrating ESG criteria in tax decision-making.

BBVA is the Spanish company with the largest number of employees with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) accreditation granted by the CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals. More than 170 of the Group's employees in Europe, Mexico and other geographies hold this U.S. based accreditation. In addition, more than 50 BBVA professionals hold the Certificate in ESG Investing accreditation, also from the CFA Institute, which focuses on sustainable investment.

The British magazine, part of the Financial Times group, also recognized BBVA as the Best Bank in Mexico, one of its biggest markets, as well as the franchise in Peru. For The Banker, BBVA is a “leading bank in Latin America, standing out from its peers in various markets in the region.”

BBVA clinched the title of the best digital bank for businesses in Spain in 2023, according to Global Finance magazine, a US publication specializing in financial markets and investment banking. This recognition was part of the '2023 Best Digital Bank Awards,' where BBVA not only claimed the top spot for digital banking but also received accolades for having the premier mobile banking app for businesses in Spain and Western Europe.

The energy transition affects all industrial and distribution processes. However, the sustainability-related challenges faced by companies also translate into business opportunities and competitive gains, according to Luisa Gómez Bravo, Global Head of Finance at the BBVA Group. "BBVA wants to help companies that are moving steadily towards energy transition in their business models," she said during her speech at the Spain Capital Markets hosted by Bloomberg on November 23. "Sustainability has become a regular part of our dialogue with our clients.”

BBVA has earned The Banker 2023 awards for Best Private Bank in Peru and Best Private Bank for Customer Service in Latin America, while also earning the ‘Highly Commended’ special mention in the Best Private Banking in Latin America and Mexico categories. The magazine held a very positive view of the customer relationship model of BBVA’s private banking business, which is especially important amid the current market uncertainty.

BBVA CEO Onur Genç delivered the closing address at a business event held on Monday by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and the Turkish Embassy in Spain to commemorate the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye. During his speech, Genç underscored the growth potential of Spain and Türkiye, two key partners that stand to benefit from their bilateral cooperation.

During the earnings presentation for the third quarter, BBVA’s CEO, Onur Genç, explained that these results allow the bank to make a balanced contribution to social well-being by responding to the needs of all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers and society as a whole. Looking ahead to 2024, he expects the bank’s results to exceed this year’s and therefore its contribution to society will be even greater.

Fernando Alonso will be the new head of the BBVA unit in Venezuela. He will replace Agustín Antón who is leaving the bank after a 36-year successful career. BBVA Provincial is the leading privately-owned bank in the country. These changes are subject to the corresponding internal authorizations and to local regulators.

BBVA CEO Onur Genç said on Monday that he has “confidence in the sustainability of BBVA’s results in the future.” This is due to the fact that the bank has certain structural advantages that go beyond the specific market context: its strategy, leveraged in digitization, innovation and sustainability; its leading, profitable franchises; and its presence in attractive markets with potential for growth". In his opinion, “We have room to increase these earnings in the coming years,” he said at the 14th Financial Meeting organized by KPMG and Spanish business daily Expansión.

This Wednesday, BBVA CEO Onur Genç emphasized the bank’s excellent performance in the first half of the year, and the sustainability of these metrics over time. He specifically pointed to improvement in profitability indicators, with an ROTE of 16.9 percent at the end of June 2023. “We have been delivering better than the competition - not only at the Group level, but at the country level,” he said during a conference for investors organized by Bank of America in London.

BBVA today tapped the market for £300 million via a Tier 2 subordinated debt issue. The interest rate was set at UKT + 360 basis points, at the low end of the starting range (360-365 basis points). Demand reached £390 million. The issue drives forward BBVA's funding plan for 2023, in alignment with its strategy to optimize its capital structure. The issue was denominated in sterling to diversify the investor base.

BBVA has implemented a business banking service model that speeds up the response to the financial needs of multinationals when they expand into new markets. Employing more than 2,500 specialized managers, the new "Cross-Border" model cuts the requirements for opening non-resident accounts by up to 70 percent, thus drastically shortening the time required to set up new subsidiaries. BBVA Business Banking already works with more than 120,000 subsidiaries of business groups in 14 countries.

Garanti BBVA has released its earnings through June 30, 2023. The bank’s net income for the first half of the year totaled TL 33.81 billion; asset size stood at TL 1.89 trillion; and Garanti BBVA contributed TL 1.31 trillion to the economy through cash and non-cash loans. Customer deposits reached TL 1.40 trillion for the first six months of 2023, and remained the main source of funding, with 74 percent of assets funded by deposits. The bank’s capital position continues to be strong with a capital adequacy ratio of 15.8 percent.* Its return on average equity (ROAE) reached 38.3 percent and return on average assets (ROAA) was 4.2 percent.

BBVA’s Turkish unit has taken a step forward in its strategy to boost automotive sales over digital channels with the launch of a new digital loan for Renault and Dacia brand vehicle purchases. Now on offer to businesses and the self-employed via Garanti BBVA’s website and the smartphone app, the bank’s new financial product provides an end-to-end digital experience.

BBVA has given a new boost to its Wealth Management unit within the Private Banking area in Spain to enhance its range of services for individuals with a net worth of over €2 million. With a view to more personalized support for customers, BBVA Private Banking has recruited 28 new bankers (an increase of 38%), bringing the total team to 101 professionals. Of these new entrants, 13 will focus on the Ultra High Net Worth segment (net worth of more than €10 million).