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Board of directors

06 Feb 2024

BBVA’s Board of Directors is to propose the appointment of two new members, Cristina de Parias, (as external board member) and Enrique Casanueva (as independent). They both have extensive experience and expertise in banking, having held top positions in financial institutions in key markets for BBVA. Furthermore, the female representation at the Group's Board will now increase from six to seven women, of a total of 15 members (47 percent), while the number of independent members will remain a majority, at 67 percent.

09 Feb 2023

BBVA will propose the election of Sonia Dulá to its Board of Directors. Dulá has a deep knowledge of the banking business and extensive experience in key markets for the bank, such as Mexico, South America and Spain. Her appointment will increase to 73 percent the number of independent directors, maintaining a 40 percent of women while reinforcing the international profile of the Board.

10 Feb 2022

BBVA will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Bilbao, on March 18, 2022. As per the meeting agenda, it is to propose the appointment of Connie Hedegaard as a new board member, a highly qualified expert in the field of sustainability and climate change: She was the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Minister of the Environment in Denmark, her home country. BBVA’s Board of Directors will thus increase the number of women from five to six, of a total of 15 members, and will reach its goal of having at least 40 percent of women in its Board before the end of 2022, as agreed in its Selection, suitability and diversity policy. Furthermore, the Board will maintain a majority of independent board members (66.67 percent) and a 40 percent of international members.

08 Jan 2020

02 Oct 2019

05 Dec 2018

12 Feb 2018

BBVA will propose the appointment of Jaime Caruana, Ana Peralta and Jan Verplancke as independent board members at its Annual General Meeting. With these new additions, BBVA will strengthen the board’s financial and technological capabilities. It will consist of 15 members, the majority of whom will be independent.

01 Feb 2018

BBVA’s digital customers are increasing in number, are more satisfied and interact more with the bank. In fact, the bank has reached its digital tipping point, at which more than 50 percent of its customers are using the bank’s digital channels in six countries (Spain, the United States, Turkey, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela). It’s a milestone that foreseeably will be reached this year by more of the countries where BBVA operates. Indeed in Davos last week, BBVA Group Executive Chairman Francisco González predicted the Group’s customer base as a whole will pass the 50 percent tipping point in 2018.

30 May 2017

BBVA Global Executive Chairman Francisco González was very positive about the future of Mexico during his visit to the country for the annual meeting of BBVA Bancomer’s regional Board members. “The resilience of the Mexican economy to the recent challenges it has faced is admirable,” he affirmed. “In terms of the rest of Latin America, I’m also optimistic. Populist movements are losing steam and economic and political rationality is moving ahead.”

22 Feb 2017

Onur Genç’s appointment as BBVA Compass CEO and country manager marks the beginning of a new chapter for the BBVA Group’s franchise in the U.S. Genç is ready to take on the challenge of leading the digitization push, at a time when the prospects of rising interest rates could have a profound impact on the future of the industry. BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila, in Houston visiting the team at BBVA Compass, joined Genç for this interview. BBVA’s CEO underscored the bank’s commitment to the U.S. market, a region that accounted for 11 percent of the Group’s net attributable profit in 2016.

14 Feb 2017

  • Changes: The new executive director compensation policy for the next three years envisages 1) an increase in the amounts to be deferred and the deferral period for the variable compensation. 60% of the variable compensation will be subject to a 5-year deferral period; 2) share-based remuneration increase: 60% of the deferred amount to be paid in BBVA shares, the remaining 40% in cash; and 3) variable compensation to be subject to reduction and clawback clauses
  • Group Executive Chairman: Total remuneration of BBVA’s Group Executive Chairman for 2016 was €4.9 million, down 12% from 2015. The Chairman’s variable compensation dropped 18% with respect to 2015, mainly as a result of the impact on BBVA Group’s profit of the provision related to ‘floor clauses’ in Spain and exchange rate trends. The deferred variable remuneration is subject to the retribution policy in force in 2016, with multi-annual indicators based on which said remuneration can be reduced or even taken to zero, never increased, as well as malus clauses that could limit or even prevent its collection
  • Chief Executive Officer: CEO Carlos Torres Vila’s remuneration was €4.4 million, and his variable remuneration is also subject to the same deferral period and conditions as that of the Chairman

The Board of Directors has approved a new Executive Director compensation policy for 2017, 2018 and 2019 to adapt to the new regulation related to compensation (Bank of Spain Circular 2/2016 and the European Banking Authority’s guidelines on sound adequate remuneration policies.) This new policy will be submitted for approval in the upcoming Annual General Meeting, on March 17.

30 Jan 2017

16 Nov 2016

07 Jun 2016

Since the 2013 education reforms were enacted and included in the Constitution, education has become one of the fundamental priorities for Mexico's government and society alike.  Reforming the country's enormous and complex education system will be beneficial for all Mexican institutions and social partners. BBVA Bancomer has been supporting efforts to drive this progress for many years, via its scholarship and education support programs.

06 Jun 2016

Peru has played - and still does - a key role in BBVA's projection and consolidation in South America. In 1995 the institution (still BBV back then) took its first step in its expansion in the region buying Banco Continental. Since then, year after year, Peru has emerged as a solid country with an increasing appeal for international investors.

20 May 2016

03 Feb 2016