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Current news 23 Oct 2019

BBVA USA September Recap: Sustainability, open platform and industry recognitions

  • Sustainability: BBVA USA becomes a founding signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, joining 130 banks worldwide committed to sustainability.
  • Open Platform: BBVA Open Platform CEO Abhishek Gupta discusses the benefits of open banking and Banking-as-a-Service.
  • Industry Recognitions: BBVA USA Chief Talent & Culture Executive earns Most Powerful Women in Banking recognition, and BBVA Net Cash USA Mobile app wins for best mobile and online experience.

In September, BBVA USA became a founding signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, joining 130 banks worldwide committed to strategically aligning its business with the global Sustainable Development Goals. Central to its business, the bank aims to positively impact the society, environment and economy.

Also in September, BBVA Open Platform CEO Abhishek Gupta, who oversees the bank’s API ecosystem, provided insight about the benefits of open baking, Banking-as-a-Service, and why they have the power to transform the delivery of services across a wide range of industries in the U.S.

Industry recognitions for the bank also made headlines last month, including BBVA USA Chief Talent & Culture Executive Rosilyn Houston’s recognition from American Banker as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking. Under her leadership, Houston has worked to boost diversity, employee engagement, benefits programs and recruitment initiatives. The BBVA Net Cash USA app – the mobile counterpart of the bank’s online treasury management platform – also earned recognition in September, taking first place in the Best Mobile/Online Experience category for financial institutions as part of Networld Media Group’s 2019 Bank Customer Experience Awards.

Presented below are articles and news from September 2019 that were posted on the bank’s online newsroom; global media platform,; financial education blog, MoneyFit; and wealth management blog, Wealth Strategies.

Corporate News

BBVA USA’s Rosilyn Houston named in American Banker as one of the Most Powerful Women in Banking
Since 2016, BBVA USA Chief Talent & Culture Executive Rosilyn Houston has been included in American Banker's Women to Watch list. In 2019, she advanced to the publication's Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking list.

In its writeup, American Banker recognizes BBVA USA Chief Talent & Culture Executive Rosilyn Houston, noting “for many years [she] has advocated for women and minorities in the banking business.” As a member of the bank’s Management Committee, Houston has worked to diversify talent — at all levels — by closing the opportunity gap, particularly for leadership roles.

BBVA Stadium is the first MLS Stadium to Deploy Wi-Fi 6 Technology, powered by BBVA
BBVA Stadium becomes the first MLS stadium to deploy Wi-Fi i6 technology, delivering 4x greater network capacity – made possible by Extreme Networks, Inc. The network upgrade will also enable mobile ticketing, real-time social sharing and future innovations such as augmented and virtual reality capabilities. The free experience is presented by BBVA USA.

BBVA Music Sessions stops in San Antonio with live performance from IYLA at Brick at Blue Star
Emerging Pop/R&B artist Iyla performed at San Antonio’s Blue Star Arts Complex as part of the BBVA Music Sessions series. For the second year, BBVA USA is collaborating with entertainment company AEG Worldwide and its digital ticketing provider, AXS, to bring the bank's concert series to its markets and to connect rising musicians with communities throughout its footprint.

Digital Banking

Meet the CEO of Open Platform: Abhishek Gupta
In this Q&A, BBVA Open Platform CEO Abhishek Gupta shared his insight about the power of open banking and Banking-as-a-Service, and how BBVA’s Open Platform is enabling clients to offer all the bank’s services to their customers and under their own brand.

Today, BBVA Open Platform is the only open developer platform that provides a full suite of banking and payments services in the U.S. that’s backed by a global financial institution. Also, Open Platform’s APIs are built on top of BBVA’s real-time digital banking core, the first in the U.S., which creates efficiency across all of the bank’s services.

BBVA Net Cash USA Mobile App Wins Best Mobile Experience Award in 2019 Best in Bank Customer Experience Awards
BBVA Net Cash USA Mobile was named a winner of Networld Media Group’s 2019 Bank Customer Experience (BCX) Awards, taking first place in the Best Mobile/Online Experience (financial institutions) category. The app is the mobile component of the BBVA Net Cash USA online treasury management platform, which rolled out to customers in 2018.

Digital Trends in Auto Lending
The complexities behind the car buying process are well-known, but as the digital transformation in the banking industry leaks into the auto lending space, the evolution of buying a car could go from an overwhelming experience to a streamlined process in the near future. In this article, BBVA USA Direct Consumer Product Manager Michael Huculand provided his perspective about the digital evolution in auto lending.

Responsible Business

BBVA makes climate action and sustainability central to its business as founding signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking
As one of the founding signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking, BBVA commits to aligning its business strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals and playing a leading role in positively impacting the society, environment and economy.

"BBVA became a founding signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking to align its business strategy with society's goals and make the most of this opportunity for our customers, clients and investors," said BBVA USA President & CEO Javier Rodríguez Soler.

A look at the trends in banking and sustainability
Banks play an increasingly significant role in promoting sustainable activities that support a clean environment, vulnerable populations and human rights through their internal practices and through the enterprises they finance.

Small Business

Small Business Profile: "I started with just a bucket full of nuts and bolts..."
From a rock band drummer to the owner of a Northern California-based scrap metal recycling company, entrepreneur Jim Newell is the epitome of small business success. In becoming a thriving company, Jim Newell’s Iron and Metal took a little bit of help – which came in the form of BBVA USA Financial Sales Advisor Manoli Rodarakis and Business Banking Officer Winston Burke.

Resource Articles

The features that make mobile banking great
Mobile banking apps could supplement your banking routine, and banks are striving to include features in their apps that can assist you in your financial journey. In this article, we highlight a few notable mobile banking features.

Five ways to safely shop online
Online shopping may be convenient, but it also comes with some drawbacks, namely the potential for fraud and the inadvertent disclosure of your personal financial information. We highlight five ways you can be safe(r) when shopping online.

Winterizing your home
Regardless of where you live, prepping your home for the colder months can help protect it, make it more comfortable and save you money. Even if you and your bank account aren't prepared for a major home overhaul, smaller, less-expensive projects can make a big difference.

How much should you spend on the holidays?
According to a 2018 survey by the National Retail Federation, the average consumer spends approximately $1,000 on the holidays. When you consider 40 percent of Americans say they would have difficulty covering a $400 emergency expense, taking on holiday expenses could be stressful for many households. However, with careful planning and thoughtful budgeting, you could reduce the financial stress.

Make the most of your year-end bonus
If you're like many hard-working Americans, you eagerly anticipate the extra financial boost you get from your year-end bonuses. While you certainly deserve a reward for a year of hard work, you could opt to spend part of your bonus on smart financial moves, such as paying down debt, building an emergency fund and saving for retirement.

Podcast: Tackling the crucial challenges that humanity faces
The Mind Bank, the bank’s monthly podcast, takes a look at why sustainability has dominated the headlines around the world for decades and how it is continuing to gain prominence in the U.S and globally through local initiatives and campaigns by larger entities.

Tackling the crucial challenges that humanity faces

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Recession-proof your finances
U.S. economists disagree about when we may see the next recession, but economies are cyclical, and a financial downturn is bound to happen eventually. You can take some important steps to protect your finances from the negative effects of prolonged economic decline. In this article, we provide insights to help you navigate through the next period of national or global financial difficulties.

Financial fundamentals for beginners
Before you start making important financial decisions, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of banking and money management. We've gathered some essential financial and banking information to help you understand the basics of money management as you start your financial journey.

How to prepare financially for foreign travel
Planning an international trip isn't just about making hotel reservations and travel arrangements. To make your trip successful, you also have to make plans for your money, which includes having access to your bank account and/or the proper currency.

Do's and Don'ts of spending money on vacation
While spending money on vacation is a given, how you spend your travel dollars can have a big impact on the quality of your vacation. To help you get the most out of your hard-earned dollars — and hopefully make some lifelong memories — we’ve provided some do's and don'ts for vacation spending.

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