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Technology> APPs Updated: 09 Apr 2018

Apps to get up on the right foot

End up hating the sound of the alarm. Have coffee for breakfast and with any luck a couple of biscuits. Drive right into the middle of a traffic jam and can’t find anywhere to park. All these problems can be avoided by creating for yourself the desired routine with a smartphone in hand and the best morning apps.

People leave their mobile phones charging overnight in order to begin using them from the moment they wake up. Go through your profiles in the social networks in search of a new like or instastories of your favorite influencer. Switch on your musical recordings at random or choose your favorite podcast or radio station, and you’re off. What other applications are there that make getting up in the morning to go to work less of a drag and more digital?

6:15 AM The most insistent alarm clock

For the real sleepyheads, getting up on a Monday morning can be a real challenge. Those that suffer from the deep sleep syndrome can call on Alarm Shakeit. In order to make this app stop ringing you need to do what it asks you to do in the morning, whether it be shaking the mobile, shouting or hitting the screen. If that is not enough to get the user out of bed, the app will send a SMS to a pre-determined contact number to say that the person is asleep.

 6:30 AM 'Five minutes more please'

Even then, there are people who still find it hard to get up. In that case, with Sleep if you can it will be impossible to stretch out your arm and switch off the alarm to happily carry on dreaming. The creators of this application have designed it in such a way that if someone wants the alarm to stop ringing they have to abandon the bedsheets and take a photograph of a pre-established place in the house.

6:40 AM ‘Mens sana…’

 There are studies that confirm that most of the REM phase of sleep is filled with dreams. But the vast majority of people forget them rapidly, leaving a half-told story that vanishes in minutes. The application Dream Journal available in Android and Sueños:tu diario de sueños for iOS allow you to record everything you remember on waking up. You can consult this record, which is stored in the cloud, removing the risk of losing it, to check, for example, if the dream with bees or the one involving flying, repeats itself often. The iOS option also allows you to connect to the Health application.

6:50 AM ‘ corpore sano’

 The gym is too expensive. You could catch a cold running in winter. But in less than 10 minutes, with a Smartphone and applications such as Seven o 7 minutos, being fit could be succesful using home as a gym center. According to the target set, these tools propose exercise routines that take up very little time and need no more material than your own body.

7 minutos ejercicio entrenamiento estar en forma app BBVA

Seven - 7 Minute Workout App

7:00 AM Smelling of roses

Some people spend more time than they should having a shower.  Although it is a real pleasure to stand under hot water, saving water is very important for the environment. The application ShowerTimer stops the music five minutes after it is switched on and starts to emit messages  to raise the user’s awareness of the reasonable use of water. The alternative for iOS devices is Duchapp.

 7:15 AM Forgot the umbrella at home

 Is it going to rain later? Do you need to bring a coat or will a jacket be enough? This can make us waste minutes that we don’t have, even more so if you didn’t get your clothes ready the night before. Whatoweather hooks up daily to the weather information and offers different alternatives to protect yourself against the rigors of the weather. There is also a top 10’ of the most voted outfits by users.

 7:30 AM The most important meal of the day

 Having a good breakfast every day is not always an easy task, often due to a lack of time or a failure to store up the larder. The Cómete el mundo application aims to lighten the task and ensure we start the day on the right foot. All you need to do is key in what’s available in the kitchen and the app suggests all the possible recipes that can be served up in the moment.

7:40 AM Payroll in account

Before leaving the house, there's a notification on the 'smartphone'. Your salary has been deposited. You didn't even have to unlock the phone, a notification just like one from any other social network indicates the amount and purpose of the deposit. The BBVA  app notifies you of new transactions in your account, analyzes anticipated expenses and can even be unlocked with your fingerprint or using facial recognition. Leaving home and getting stuck in the morning traffic is better when the paycheck's been cashed.

 7:50 AM Calculating what route to take

 The moment has come to leave home and plan the way to work. In the case of those who use private transport as well as those who opt for public transport, Moovit will make the commute as efficient as possible. The services it offers include constant up-dates on traffic, disruptions to the timetable of public services and the location of the closest bike-hire points. The app is also accessible for blind people.

New Moovit 4.0!

8:00 AM Musical culture

 A traffic jam can be easier to bear if the driver is listening to his/her favorite music. But you can go further with the application SonarFlow. This online player scan’s the smartphone’s music library and Spotify, loads up on songs and ranks them using different colored bubbles. This is a good way to discover other musicians and explore musical tastes

8:30 AM Prevent the car becoming an oven 

 Once you have go through the traffic jam, the next thing up is to find a parking space. This can be even more frustrating than finding yourself caught up in an ant’s nest on the way to work. If it is also summer, the challenge of finding a space in the shade is even greater. Sombrica aims to make the dog days cooler via an app that, taking into account where the vehicle is and the time of the year, tells users what time of the day will there be shade in this place.

8:45 AM The moment to give up

 It is well-known that giving up smoking can be one of the most difficult tasks facing many people, particularly those who have developed the habit of smoking before the working day begins. Kwit and smartphones are there to help kick the habit.  This app puts forward the idea of giving up smoking not only as a challenge but also as a game in that whoever decides to take up the challenge has to meet up to 60 goals for a healthier life.

8:50 AM A dose of energy before starting

 At times, a much-needed shot of caffeine is required before getting down to work. Regardless of the city or the country in which you find yourself, Beanhunter will become your best possible buddy. Using any smartphone, this app can find the nearest coffee shop. To avoid unwelcome surprises, you can also check out reviews and photographs uploaded by other users.