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Blockchain 19 Sep 2017

Eleven Twitter accounts to stay up-to-date on blockchain

For months now, 'blockchain' has been a core topic of interest for online media outlets and social networks, sparking endless debates. This list of eleven Twitter accounts offering high-quality blockchain-related content will help you wade through the clutter.


The uses of blockchain go far beyond virtual currencies. That is why, although Twitter blockchain discussions are partly dominated by topics such as bitcoin, this list also includes profiles of well-known experts who explore other areas of use for this technology, their legal implications or the way in which blockchain is turning the business world upside down. The list also includes several blockchain experts who stand out for their efforts in helping build the nascent Spanish community that focuses on blockchain’s possibilities.

Jerry Brito, @jerrybrito, 12,800 followers

Brito is the executive director of Coin Center, a non-profit organization that defends virtual currencies in the public debate and tries to influence the laws that affect them. An expert also in copyright regulations, he is considered one of the world's most authoritative voices on the legal aspects of virtual currencies.

CoinDesk, @coindesk, 259,000 followers

The online news website CoinDesk is one of the world's leaders in news and information on digital currencies such as bitcoin, and its underlying technology, blockchain. It covers news and analysis on price movements (they publish the Bitcoin Price Index, a measure of bitcoin's value), trends, technologies, companies and people shaping the blockchain ecosystem.

Vitalik Buterin, @vitalikbuterin, 176,000 followers

Born in Russia in 1994, Buterin's short biography includes, as he himself recounted with quite a dose of irony, a childhood in Canada, a teenage addiction to 'World of Warcraft', a brief and unsuccessful passage through college and, above all, a never ending passion for the virtual currencies. He is on this list for being one of the creators of Ethereum, an open source platform based on ‘blockchain’, and according to experts more complete than bitcoin’s.

Derin Cag, @DerinCag, 48,400 followers

Like Buterin, Cag also fits into the 'millennial' entrepreneur mold: people capable of launching all kinds of projects, always linked to the digital economy, before even turning thirty. He is the founder and CEO of Richtopia, a media outlet based in London that started reporting on innovation, geopolitics and development three years ago. Blockchain Age spun off from Richtopia in 2015. Blockchain Age is a website specializing in the block chain:  Cag shares interesting content on both websites on Twitter.

Cristina Carrascosa, @CarrascosaCris, 1,800 followers

Attorney specializing in new technologies, Carrascosa is today one of the most respected voices in the Spanish blockchain community when it comes to the regulation of ICOs and tokenization. In addition, she teaches a course on blockchain at ICEMD, the Institute of Digital Economy of the ESIC business school.

Nicolas Cary, @niccary, 21,000 followers

Cary was in 2011 one of the founders of the Blockchain company (not to be confused with the blockchain technology), which he still chairs.  The company specializes in managing operations with virtual currencies and also offers information to investors through  The company is backed by investors such as Google and entrepreneur Richard Branson.  In recent years, Cary has also engaged in philanthropic work, but a look at his Twitter  'timeline' reveals that he is passionate about blockchain’s financial possibilities.

William Mougayar, @wmougayar, 14,300 followers

Mougayar is the author of the book 'The business blockchain' and adviser of several blockchain-related institutions. A consultant and lecturer, he has always been linked to new technologies, first as an employee at HP, and later as an investor and mentor of several startups.

Coinbase, @coinbase, 267,000 followers

Founded in 2012 in San Francisco as a small startup, Coinbase is now the most widely used digital currency wallet and platform in the market. They are present in 32 countries and have more than 10 million customers. On Twitter, they share updated news about the cryptocurrency market (their platform supports bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin) and analysis posts from their blog. BBVA invested in Coinbase in 2015 through its venture capital fund.

Brock Pierce @blockpierce 21,600 followers

Born in Minnesota in 1980, Pierce has followed an unconventional path: he is a former child actor, and appeared in a number of Disney films between 1992 and 1997. Today, he is a serial entrepreneur.  Besides founding and investing in ten tech and virtual currency startups, he is now the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Alex Preukschat, @AlexPreukschat, 1,200 followers

Besides co-authoring the comic book 'Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto', Alex Preukschat is one of the great promoters of blockchain technology in Spain, thanks to initiatives such as the Blockchain Spain working group and his work as editorial coordinator of the book 'Blockchain: the industrial revolution of the internet'. He works for consulting firm Everis in the blockchain technology application advisory unit, and has been involved in professional projects in countries such as Germany and Romania.

Fred Wilson, @fredwilson, 626,000 followers

Born in 1961, Wilson is one of the founders of Union Square Ventures, a New York venture capital firm that has invested in, among many other 2.0 companies, Twitter and Foursquare. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from MIT and an MBA from Wharton, and is also a very active blogger: he writes about almost everything, but blockchain is one of his favorite subjects.