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Stock exchange

28 May 2024

A takeover bid happens when an investor or a group of investors offers to buy shares from all the shareholders of a listed company. They usually offer a specific price for these shares or other securities that give them an ownership stake in the company.

30 Jan 2023

04 Aug 2022

03 Sep 2021

BBVA is back in the Euro Stoxx 50, Eurozone's main index. Just one year after its exit, the bank's recent good performance on the stock market has allowed it to return to the index, a milestone -exit and re-enter the following year- which at least in the last decade had never happened before. Normally, it takes longer for companies that exit the index to recover their position and re-enter.

17 Nov 2020

News of the sale of the US subsidiary to PNC strongly boosted BBVA's stock market performance. The market warmly received the deal with a rise in the stock price of 15.3% at close on November 16, the third highest in the bank's stock market history and a new record in outperformance by the European banking sector: the Dow Jones index for US banks scored just 3.3% in the session, 12 percentage points behind.

13 Sep 2019

04 Apr 2019

12 Dec 2018

BBVA Asset Management (BBVA AM) believes that the stock market may be the most profitable asset for the coming year as a whole, but within a volatile market environment. This has been pointed out by Joaquín García Huerga, director of Global Strategy of BBVA Asset Management, in the presentation of the market outlook for 2019. If the economic cycle is not turned around, the stock markets could rise by an average of 10% by adding dividends.

11 Sep 2018

30 Jul 2018

15 Mar 2018

The history of the stock market dates back over 500 years since its journey began in 1460 in Antwerp. Logically, trading has greatly transformed since then, though the most significant changes have occurred in recent decades, especially since the boom of the new technologies that have allowed time and distance to cease being factors in the stock world.

02 Feb 2018

Metrovacesa will make its debut on the Spanish stock exchanges on February 6, with a price of €16.5 per share. As part of the IPO process, the majority shareholders – Santander and BBVA – have sold 25.8% of Metrovacesa’s capital. BBVA placed a total of 11,619,724 shares, which represent 26.9% of its stake in the property company (7.7% of the share capital). The transaction is part of BBVA’s strategy of divestment in real estate holdings.

Market analysts reported positively on BBVA’s 2017 results. The majority pointed to the solid underlying trends, the strength of recurring revenues and cost containment as the key drivers of the bank’s solid performance.

15 Nov 2017

30 Oct 2017

Market analysts have given positive reviews to BBVA’s third quarter 2017 results, which in many cases surpassed prior forecasts. In their reports, the analysts underscored the performance of expenditures and provisions below forecasts. BBVA´s businesses in Spain, Turkey and South America all surprised analysts with their good performance. 

17 Oct 2017

The European Commission has published a legislative proposal to create a sort of European Securities and Exchange Commission – that is, a European agency that would centralize some of the stock exchange supervision competencies of the national authorities. Once it is approved, part of the activity that takes place on the European exchanges would come under control of the new European authority.

11 Oct 2017

Stock market indices can be described as baskets of shares. They are calculated based upon the average prices of a number of shares selected from a market or a particular sector. Their performance allows the investor to know the evolution and trends in the market. At the same time, indices serve as a reference for investors who specialize in funds or portfolios of shares. Following is a list of the principal stock indices on the world market.

10 Oct 2017

The words “wealth” and “tech” have come together to give rise to a new generation of financial technology companies that create digital solutions to transform the investment and asset management industry.

27 Sep 2017

26 Sep 2017

Speaking this morning at the 22nd annual meeting organized by Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London, Chief Financial Officer Jaime Sáenz de Tejada explained some of the key aspects BBVA’s strategy to investors.  "BBVA is well positioned for the new growth cycle", thanks to a solid balance sheet and capital position, as a result of the company’s efforts in recent years, its geographic diversification and forward-looking transformation strategy.

04 Aug 2017

28 Jul 2017

Market analysts have positively evaluated the half-year results BBVA presented yesterday. The general opinion is that BBVA Group reported solid results that confirm its ability to generate strong rates of growth throughout 2017. The results were better than expected in the principal income statement categories and business areas.

28 Jun 2017

13 Jun 2017

09 Jun 2017

07 Jun 2017

07 Apr 2017

The Chairman of the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has completed a round of meetings in the City of London to explain the measures adopted to facilitate the arrival of international firms to Spain. Also, the supervisory body of the Spanish financial markets recently announced four strategic lines for the next two years. The plan is aimed at yielding a more efficient, transparent, responsive and modern supervisor, a more attractive and appealing Spanish market, and better informed, educated and protected investors.

21 Mar 2017

07 Mar 2017