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23 Feb 2018

The versatility of its famous multi-use knives and the precision of its watches have given Switzerland the reputation of being one of the most innovative countries on the planet. The Alpine country has a long tradition of inventions that have helped improve our day-to-day lives. Inventions such as the ‘Rex’ vegetable peeler and the well-known coffee capsules show how Swiss talent has been able to adapt itself to society’s new needs and contribute to its development.

28 Dec 2017

05 Dec 2017

05 Oct 2017

07 Sep 2017

21 Aug 2017

Under 30, entrepreneurs and digital. This are the common traits that define the young Europeans chosen by Forbes magazine in its ’30 Under 30′ list. A mobile navigation aide for the visually impaired, a meal kit delivery platform, a t-shirt that allows users to peek inside the human body, a nightlife finder in London… Many tech-related projects that deserve special attention.  Here we take a look at a few of them.

23 Jun 2017

How peoples’ behavior affects the economy and how their conduct can be educated so they can aspire to a better present and future wellbeing. That was the central idea of the panel Behavioral economics and financial education, moderated by Jorge Sicilia, director of BBVA Research. The participants included Josh Wright, executive director of Ideas 42; Carlos Ramírez, chairman of the National Commission for Retirement Savings of Mexico and Hugo Ñopo, senior researcher at the Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE).

13 Jun 2017

05 Apr 2017

The debates about potential impact of ageing for institutions and economies, the fiscal sustainability of the pension and welfare systems are based on a convention that was established one century ago: the definition of 65 years as the fixed threshold at which old age and economic dependency begins.

22 Mar 2017

14 Mar 2017

Under the media’s radar and away from the latest trends, the industry keeps making headway in its road to digitization. Much is being said about the importance of connecting all machines, the Internet of Things, but transformations will be far reaching and of all kinds.

10 Feb 2017

30 Jan 2017

01 Aug 2016

Analysts see BBVA’s Q2 results in a positive light. Most highlighted the solid underlying trends and singled out income growth and credit quality as key drivers of the bank’s earnings. The increase of the capital ratio was another one of the most highly-valued elements. Bank shares are expected to react positively, although no significant shifts were anticipated in terms of recommendations or target price.

26 Jul 2016

28 Jun 2016

Do you remember when oil prices fell below $30 per barrel? Back in February, markets couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel as prices hit their lowest level since December 2013. But in a gravity defying twist, prices rebounded to $52 per barrel in early June and have stabilized at an average of $50 per barrel since then.

09 May 2016

Given the countless available languages and ways of working, the world of developers is undoubtedly complex. Within this world, systems architecture and testing are particularly important. During the Codemotion Meetup event at the BBVA Innovation Center in Madrid, developers discussed testing and the possibilities of systems architecture.

21 Mar 2016

08 Feb 2016

04 Dec 2015

26 Nov 2015

Some years ago it was not common for a company funded with capital to be valued at over 1 billion dollars. The few technology- based startups that exceed this value without going public began to be called “unicorns”, becoming part of a select list.

09 Oct 2015

07 Oct 2015

04 Mar 2015

Tim Brown and Roger Martin are two key names to remember in Design Thinking, now one of the most important innovation trends. Following many years of debate on the matter, we had these two giants meet face to face to outline their ideas in light of the real world and the main preoccupations of an economic and social reality that is filled with problems but also opportunities for improvement.

18 Feb 2015

Backed up by organizations such as Google and NASA and located in Silicon Valley, Singularity University is the most prestigious international institution specializing in research and training on new technologies and their application to strategic sectors.