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Miguel Rodríguez Canfranc

23 Jan 2023

The impact of the war in Ukraine on global inflation and growth has been the recurring theme of this latest edition of the Davos Forum 2023, organized by the World Economic Forum (WEF). From January 16-20, and under the heading, ‘Cooperation in a fragmented world’, political, business and intellectual leaders debated the critical turning point at which the world finds itself, following the double impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Despite the prevailing economic uncertainty, attendees showed some signs of optimism for 2023, as the latest data, especially on prices, are better than expected.

01 Feb 2021

In a year marked by the pandemic, BBVA produced solid results thanks to its strong income and cost containment measures. The bank's results improved as the year progressed, mainly due to lower provisions in the second half of the year. “In 2020 we achieved excellent results in a year of great complexity. We have also announced a historic transaction for BBVA: the sale of our U.S. subsidiary. An operation that puts us in an unparalleled position of strength in the sector, allowing us to increase shareholder distributions,” said BBVA chairman Carlos Torres Vila.

18 Dec 2020

The repurchase of shares is one of the ways that companies have to pay shareholders. It consists of buying a package of its own shares, normally on the open market, and amortizing them (eliminating them) with the aim of raising the price of the remaining ones.

29 May 2020

16 Apr 2020

Although the consequences may be similar, there are significant differences between the economic recession of 2008 and the crisis that has abruptly erupted in 2020, primarily their origins: the Great Recession of 2008 was systemic and first took hold in the financial system; the Great Pandemic of 2020 is a cyclical crisis caused because the economy was brought to a sudden standstill in response to a health crisis. While there is a lot of uncertainty about the outcome, experts say that the rate of recovery depends on the speed with which containment measures are lifted.

02 Mar 2020

05 Nov 2019

13 Sep 2019

Large technology companies, or bigtech, have a large customer base, access to a massive volume of data and financial strength. While banks also have some of these attributes, it is the network effect technologies that companies benefit from that could ultimately undermine data-fueled innovation that is causing regulators and businesses alike concern. According to Santiago Fernández de Lis, the Head of Regulation at BBVA, if we want to ensure the continued growth, innovation and sustainability of the digital economy, we need to shift our approach to regulation from a national, sectoral approach to a truly cross-border and intersectoral approach.

In recent times, EU institutions have made significant headway in developing a credible banking union. But despite progress, there is still a lot of work to do. According to José Manuel González-Páramo, Executive Director and Global Head of Economics and Institutional Relations at BBVA, the Europe’s new lawmaker team must promote new reforms to advance towards a true union.

12 Aug 2019

"We are in an extraordinary time for the asset management industry,” says Jaime Martínez, global head of asset allocation at BBVA Asset Management. "We are witnessing a new landscape, characterized by regulation and technological disruption.” Martinez reveals five trends that are transforming the world of asset management.

08 Aug 2019

02 Aug 2019

The Basel Committee has designed two liquidity ratios to ensure that financial institutions have sufficient liquidity to meet their short-term and long-term obligations: LCR and NSFR. These two requirements are intended to reduce risks in case of episodes of financial turbulence.

26 Jul 2019

20 May 2019

23 Apr 2019

28 Dec 2018

It is difficult to summarize everything that has happened at BBVA since 1996 when Francisco González took the reigns as chairman of Argentaria, which would be come BBVA almost four years later, after the merger with BBV. For more than 20 years the Group has stood out thanks to the chairman’s unique approach, an unwavering commitment to values and responsible banking, and the giant leap he initiated to transform the Group into a leading 21st century bank. Ultimately, his tenure as chairman has been marked by values, people, and innovation.

27 Dec 2018

12 Sep 2018

Socially responsible investment funds (SRIF) are collective investment instruments that choose the assets that make up their portfolio based on environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG). These eligibility criteria contribute to making better-informed investment decisions, taking into account not only financial criteria, but also less tangible parameters.

15 Jun 2018


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Mexico's BBVA Bancomer is the Group's first bank to adopt the globally developed mobile banking platform. It will be gradually rolled-out across the rest of the countries where the Group operates, providing a speed-to-market advantage.

02 Feb 2018

12 Dec 2017

BBVA won the Spanish Company category of the third annual Spanish-Turkish Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry prizes, which recognize achievements in promoting mutual understanding between the two countries. At the event, Jorge Sáenz de Azcúnaga, BBVA’s Director of Country Monitoring, said BBVA’s Turkish subsidiary Garanti Bank is one of the pillars of the group’s transformation.

09 Jun 2017

19 Apr 2017

29 Mar 2017

Nearly 200 BBVA employees, from both global and local teams, met on March 21st in Madrid for the Second Global Quarterly Planning Session. The goal of the event was to expedite the execution of the products and services the bank is developing, converting them into customer experiences. Global Executive Chairman Francisco González participated in the session, indicating that “BBVA has a unique opportunity to be one of the big ‘players" in the global financial system.

21 Mar 2017

16 Feb 2017

22 Dec 2016

23 Sep 2016


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The adoption of agile work methodologies is accelerating BBVA’s transformation everywhere the bank operates. BBVA Continental, the Group’s bank in Peru, held two quarterly planning sessions using the methodologies. At the two day meeting, 150 people from multidisciplinary teams planned their work for the next three months. This translates into specific deliverables, products and services that benefit customers.

29 Jul 2016

BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila explained today the reasons that motivated the organization and management changes that the Group announced this week:  “We are making these changes to gain agility and efficiency,” he stressed.  “But both the strategy and the goals we defined a year ago remain the same, to become a better bank for our customers, bringing the age of opportunity to everyone.”

22 Jul 2016

05 Jul 2016


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In May 2016, we went to Lima to see for ourselves the new ways of working that BBVA is introducing throughout the organization to accelerate its transformation. For two days, BBVA Continental teams met to participate in a quarterly planning session. The goal is to decide on the projects for the next three months and determine the tasks that must be carried out to make them a reality. "Agile methodologies have proven to be a model that works and really get people excited,” affirms Karina Bruce, Talent and Culture Manager at BBVA Continental.

30 Jun 2016

27 May 2016

Slow recovery of commodity prices and weak economic activity have affected tax revenue. This has lead to adjustments in government spending in many Latin American economies. Therefore, despite some recovery in commodity prices over recent months, BBVA Research has lowered its growth outlook for the region to an expected contraction of -1.1% in 2016. In its Latin America Economic Outlook report on the second quarter, BBVA Research affirms that it does expect to see 1.7% growth in 2017.

29 Feb 2016

Market downfalls at the beginning of the year have put investors on guard. The sharp decline in oil prices and questions over the Chinese economy leave their mark on the global economic outlook. BBVA Asset Management expects to see moderate growth in the global economy in 2016 but suggests caution when building portfolios due to increased risk. Diversification and hedging are necessary.

09 Feb 2016

Rising life expectancy, longevity, is a relatively recent phenomenon dating from the 19th century. Until then, for nearly 60,000 years, the life expectancy of humanity remained relatively constant. There is some evidence that increased life expectancy is a permanent phenomenon, with the implications that this might have not only for pension systems, but also for the organization of societies themselves.

11 Jan 2016

29 Dec 2015

22 Dec 2015

How will the largest economies evolve over the next ten years? What yields may be expected from the main financial assets in that period of time? These are the two questions that the BBVA Asset Management’s strategy team has taken into consideration to elaborate a financial plan that allows to properly gauge the strategic asset portfolios it manages for its customers through different vehicles (investment funds, pension funds, SICAVs…).