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28 Jun 2018

25 Apr 2018

Big data and data science have become disciplines increasingly in demand in the labor market, serving as tools of great value in training the youngest professionals. With the technological future for the region looking promising, students in Latin America are increasingly engaged in training in these areas and finding out how to apply them to real life.

07 Mar 2018

07 Feb 2018

28 Dec 2017

18 Dec 2017

Her Majesty Queen Letizia of Spain presided over the presentation of the 2017 Teacher Action Awards, held at BBVA City in Madrid. The prizes are aimed at raising awareness about the importance of the role of Spanish education centers in promoting social values. The event was organized by the Foundation for Aid Against Drug Addiction (FAD), the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, and BBVA. The Queen was accompanied by BBVA Group Executive Chairman Francisco González; the president of the Foundation for Action Against Drug Addiction, Ignacio Bayón and the Secretary of State for Education, Marcial Marín.

05 Dec 2017

19 Oct 2017

18 Aug 2017

20 Jul 2017

15 Jun 2017

17 May 2017

10 May 2017

10 Feb 2017

07 Feb 2017

02 Dec 2016

Everyone should have access to basic financial services by 2020. This goal, set by the World Bank, aims to combat the financial exclusion that impacts two billion people. Several organizations from the public and private sector, including BBVA Microfinance Foundation, have signed the Universal Financial Access 2020 (UFA), committing to meet this deadline.

Having a bank account is the first step to access basic financial services, such as loans or insurance, which help underprivileged families to receive essential services like water, electricity, housing, education or healthcare. It also allows small and medium sized businesses to grow, expand operations and improve risk management.

30 Sep 2016

22 Sep 2016

The new academic year has already begun and children are back to school. They are back to classes, books and breaks. However, this indispensable routine would only be a dream for many families were they to have no help. For this reason, BBVA has implemented several scholarship and education support programs that help countless children and young people experience their return to school like any other child and have the chance to complete their education.

16 Sep 2016

06 Sep 2016

22 Jun 2016

The result of these surveys is reflected in the report “Education in Spain. Horizon 2020”. This document reflects the concerns of the teaching sector and its view of the future of education. Its conclusions are not very optimistic, since there are a number of aspects that concern the sector. However, they do believe that education is increasingly dynamic thanks to the entrepreneur teachers Acción Magistral wants to support with the holding of a great event in their honor.

07 Jun 2016

Since the 2013 education reforms were enacted and included in the Constitution, education has become one of the fundamental priorities for Mexico’s government and society alike.  Reforming the country’s enormous and complex education system will be beneficial for all Mexican institutions and social partners. BBVA Bancomer has been supporting efforts to drive this progress for many years, via its scholarship and education support programs.

24 Feb 2016

10 Mar 2014

This new school year, Madrid and Navarre are already teaching programing to 8-year-old students. However, some experts believe that these classes should be given to children as young as five because they “learn to program, develop cognitive skills and improve their logical reasoning”.