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Corporate communication Updated: 14 Jul 2018

June 2018 Recap: BBVA Compass top news and articles at a glance

Top news and articles from BBVA Compass in June reflected the bank's commitment to being a digital leader and engine of opportunity for customers, small businesses and communities throughout its footprint. The bank also positioned itself as a financial education resource, publishing a series of informational articles on homeownership.

BBVA Compass Houston Tower

Digital Business

BBVA Compass’ Pepe Olalla gives Bank Innovation a look at its Business Development team
BBVA Compass Head of Business Development Pepe Olalla speaks with Bank Innovation’s Tatjana Kulkarni in an interview posted in two articles, touching on the bank’s mobile app which his team oversees.

A few minutes with BBVA Compass Chief Compliance Officer Celie Niehaus
Recently named BBVA Compass Chief Compliance Officer Celie Niehaus shares insight about the role of compliance in financial services and how it can contribute to the bank’s digital transformation.

In June, BBVA Compass announced Celie Niehaus as the bank's Chief Compliance Officer and a member of its Management Committee.

Embedding automation and artificial intelligence into culture
BBVA Compass' Risk Technology & Productivity team holds its first workshop to discuss the capabilities of artificial intelligence and automation and how embedding these technologies into the bank's culture could drive greater efficiency and growth.

BBVA Compass Mobile Banking App designed for greater financial freedom
BBVA Compass recently reported a 30 percent year-over-year increase in active mobile customers, largely a reflection of the bank’s digital strategy which incorporates design and customer feedback to deliver a mobile app that guides customers on their financial

Digital banking kiosks and their potential in the U.S.
A Middle-East banking group recently rolled out digital banking kiosks in the United Arab Emirates. BBVA Compass Corporate Regional Real Estate Director provides insight into the reality of banking kiosks in the U.S. and the role branches play in digital banking.

Why Touch ID may be yesterday’s security method
Many of today’s smartphones are equipped with Touch ID, but is it becoming a thing of the past when it comes to  cybersecurity? BBVA Compass Director of Mobile, Online and Digital Sales shares his insight.

Signing into the BBVA Compass Mobile Banking app could net $10,000
Customers could win $500, $1,000 or the grand prize of $10,000 by simply signing into the BBVA Compass Mobile Banking App. A Birmingham-area customer was recently announced as the grand prize winner of the bank’s Sign In & Win Sweepstakes.

In the 2017 Sign In & Win Sweepstakes, Birmingham-area BBVA Compass customer David Everett won the $10,000 grand prize for simply depositing a check using the mobile app.

Small Business and Community

Houston Rockets and BBVA Compass announce Buy On Purpose as its 2018 Small Business opportunity winner
Earlier this year, BBVA Compass and the Houston Rockets kicked off their annual local small business contest, which created the opportunity for a Houston-area business to win financial and promotional support. This year’s winner is office supply company Buy On Purpose.

Iron City Hoop-A-Palooza Coming to Birmingham
The Colonnade Group and Faush Summit Entertainment unveils Iron City Hoop-A-Palooza, one in a series of events to celebrate the NBA’s return to Birmingham via the BBVA Compass Iron City Showdown.


Corporate Responsibility and Customer Appreciation

BBVA Compass to team up with organizations to increase financial capabilities across U.S.
BBVA Compass is teaming up with nonprofits from across its footprint to build a comprehensive network of financial education offerings, with the goal of helping 20,000 low- to moderate-income individuals and families reach financial stability.

BBVA Compass Foundation to donate $2,500 in the wake of the Santa Fe tragedy
The BBVA Compass Foundation donates $2,500 to the Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation in the wake of the recent tragedy at Santa Fe ISD High School.

2018 BBVA Compass Dynamo Charities Cup to Benefit KIPP Opportunity Campus
The BBVA Compass Dynamo Charities Cup is an annual exhibition and charity match featuring the Houston Dynamo and a prominent international opponent. A portion of this year’s proceeds benefits the KIPP Houston Opportunity Campus.

Thank you, BBVA Compass customers
More than 4,000 team members across BBVA Compass’ 649 branches take part in the the bank’s first annual Customer Appreciation Day.

Visitors to BBVA Compass branches on May 3 were treated to a sea of blue-clad team members waiting to give them special treatment as part of the bank’s first-annual Customer Appreciation Day.


Consumer lending and rising interest rates
The Federal Reserve has gradually increased the federal funds interest rates over the past several years. This informational piece details how the most common consumer loans (mortgage, auto, and credit cards) are affected by rising interest rates.

Should you buy a house?
Rising mortgage rates and home prices continue to affect homebuying affordability, so now might be the best time to become a homeowner. This informational piece provides insight for consumers looking to purchasing a home.

Learn how new home construction loans work
Financing options for building a house can vary when compared to buying an already-constructed house. This informational article provides a look into the two most common home construction loans and how they work.

Refinancing at the right time for your unique financial situation
This informational article looks into the two major types of refinancing options: rate-and-term refinancing and cash-out refinancing.

For a recap of top news in April and May, click here.