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The elderly

18 Apr 2023

With the aim of incentivizing the financial inclusion of senior citizens and creating a personalized user experience, BBVA Mexico is joining the so-called Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros (National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users, or CONDUSEF) to adjust its policies, procedures, products and services so that customers can have better interactions with the bank and better management of their finances.

27 Jun 2017

22 Jun 2017

Age makes a difference – a big one – when it comes to downloading apps. Centennials prefer Snapchat, Instagram and Vine. Millennials like Tinder and Soundcloud. Generation X looks for apps to watch movies and for travel. And baby boomers? They prefer apps to monitor their health.

05 Apr 2017

The debates about potential impact of ageing for institutions and economies, the fiscal sustainability of the pension and welfare systems are based on a convention that was established one century ago: the definition of 65 years as the fixed threshold at which old age and economic dependency begins.

03 Mar 2017

Nobody wants to go into a care home. Based on this premise, Saraiva Senior, a project by Sacendi (a social and healthcare company that provides integrated services for the elderly in Pontevedra), aims to implement a new approach to care for the elderly. The company, a participant in BBVA Momentum, BBVA's support program aimed at social enterprises, is determined to change mindsets, promote a positive vision of aging and renew the traditional concept of the care home. The director of this social enterprise, Lucía Saborido, its associate director, Noelia López and its technical director, Ricardo Fra Otero, explain how.

02 Dec 2016

If there is something that unites the BBVA Paraguay team is its members’ passion for the brand. And no other color reflects that passion better than blue.

03 Oct 2016

Understanding personal finance is essential to handle everyday life in a household. This means making informed financial decisions to manage the income and expenses of any family properly. Today is Financial Education Day, a fundamental issue to manage a household economy.

04 Aug 2016

You may think you can’t afford to travel because of your limited budget.

But you may not be familiar with all the options that apps and the Internet offer, ranging from cost sharing to house swaps.

11 Jul 2016

Summer is finally here! While many of us may picture ourselves jetting off to a tropical island to do nothing but enjoy cocktails while bathing in a secluded beach…  the truth is that, unfortunately, due to a lack of money and time, some of us will have to save our dreams for later and spend the summer in the city. But, hey, it’s ok! There are thousands plans waiting for you - low-cost, even for free - and you probably didn’t know anything about them.

05 Jul 2016

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That technology can reach almost anywhere is a half-truth. A festival where people dress in white, wearing red bandanas tied around their necks, holding rolled-up newspapers in their hands, doesn’t sound quite like the ideal breeding ground for technology innovation. But, however, technology has made its way deep into the heart of celebration, far deeper than what one could guess at first glance. Now that the txupinazo, the inaugural rocket launch, is just a few hours away, maybe it is the right time to take a look at the techies side of Pamplona and the Sanfermines, the running of the bulls.

17 Jun 2016

Saul Rodríguez works in Global Corporate Communication and is very aware of social media’s power, not only to divulge information and create communities, but also to make people smile. We asked him to tell us about his projects, which he of course did in a social media format.

22 Feb 2016

In spring 2016, the BBVA Expedition led by Carlos Soria will help the seasoned climber to take on one of the most ambitious challenges in his career: the “double goal” of crowning the summits of the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri.

09 Feb 2016

Rising life expectancy, longevity, is a relatively recent phenomenon dating from the 19th century. Until then, for nearly 60,000 years, the life expectancy of humanity remained relatively constant. There is some evidence that increased life expectancy is a permanent phenomenon, with the implications that this might have not only for pension systems, but also for the organization of societies themselves.

23 Feb 2015

07 Feb 2015

33% of Americans in the so-called millennium generation believe they will no longer need banks in coming years. In view of these data, capturing customers from among this new generation is shaping up to be a major challenge.

15 Dec 2014