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03 Jun 2019

20 Mar 2019

06 Nov 2018

05 Oct 2018

27 Jun 2018

A fundamental characteristic of today’s market is the extreme competitiveness with which commercial operations are developed.   Business intelligence is key to getting ahead, but until recently in-depth BI development was difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses to adopt. Today, this has changed thanks to data and APIs like PayStats, which can be found in BBVA’s API_Market.

23 Apr 2018

15 Feb 2018

05 Jan 2018

Fintech firms have taken advantage of the market opportunity offered by SMEs. Their formula consists of expanding the offering of financial products and services for this productive segment.

17 Dec 2017

Argentina’s small and medium sized enterprises, despite being pummeled by taxes and struggling to access credit, managed to survive the collapse of consumption. Now, they are gearing up to capitalize on the improving economic outlook, thanks to the lending and tax measures that the government will roll out in short to encourage them to invest. Four our of every 10 companies say they intend to do so.

31 Oct 2017

18 Oct 2017

11 Oct 2017

BBVA Compass has closed a $5 million equity investment in Pathway Lending, becoming the largest investor in Alabama’s effort to build up small businesses in the state’s Appalachian region. Pathway Lending, a Community Development Financial Institution certified by the U.S. Department of Treasury, will operate the state’s new loan fund for small businesses in the 37 counties of Appalachian Alabama.

04 Oct 2017

BBVA’s Group Executive Chairman said that developing the best banking application in the world (according to Forrester) has been a work that “has taken many years.” To get to this point, Francisco González underscored that “the most important thing was when we adopted ‘agile’ work methodologies that allow us to deliver upgrades every three months.” The application helps customers make better financial decisions and manage their financial lives better. Ultimately, he stated, we “want to be the best adviser of our customers.”

02 Oct 2017

In Spain, while large companies and startups are already well aware of the value of data, small and medium-sized businesses are starting to awaken to this notion. In this article we take a look at three dimensions where ‘big data’ can make a substantial difference to boost the prospects of business success across companies of all sizes.

29 Sep 2017

07 Sep 2017

BBVA has today named B2BPay as the winner of its Open Talent Global Fintech for Companies competition. From hundreds of entries into this specific segment, the team of judges selected B2BPay as their champion because of the way their solution enables SME businesses to grow internationally and trade with greater ease.

21 Aug 2017

Under 30, entrepreneurs and digital. This are the common traits that define the young Europeans chosen by Forbes magazine in its ’30 Under 30′ list. A mobile navigation aide for the visually impaired, a meal kit delivery platform, a t-shirt that allows users to peek inside the human body, a nightlife finder in London… Many tech-related projects that deserve special attention.  Here we take a look at a few of them.

11 Aug 2017

Garanti Bank believes that for any economy to achieve further growth, the participation of women in the labor force is crucial. Women must be encouraged to be entrepreneurs, and women- owned businesses must be supported. Garanti took action in 2006, becoming the first private bank to define  women entrepreneurs as a separate client segment. “To empower women entrepreneurs”, Garanti Bank has had a sustainable Women Entrepreneurs program over a decade. In this respect, the activities focus on four core areas; access to finance, encouragement, education and penetrating new markets.

09 Aug 2017

Every year, BBVA Open Challenges proposes a number of challenges aimed at finding solutions to the challenges identified in different areas of the bank. The registration phase for two new editions of this contest will open in August: Challenge F4C, covering proposals to transform the relationship between banks and customers; and Challenge Global Trends, which seeks to transform the trading of tomorrow through augmented reality and intelligent algorithms.

19 Jul 2017

BBVA Research places Spain at 30th in the digitization ranking of 100 countries, an intermediate position behind nations such as Germany or France, but ahead of other southern European countries like Italy or Portugal. However, Spain “is much better prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution than it was for the previous ones,” says Rafael Doménech, head of Macroeconomic Analysis at BBVA Research.

29 Jun 2017

The terms ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ are often used as if they were synonyms. However, although both terms are related to improving professional skills, they are similar, but not identical, concepts.

23 Jun 2017

20 Jun 2017

13 Jun 2017

Funding is one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face when launching their own company. And getting it is not easy. But now, Trust·u, a new SME-oriented financing model, aims to help recently created companies overcome this hurdle by offering loans to startups that are able to convince relatives and friends to support them.

06 Jun 2017

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF) have agreed to provide BBVA with a €143 million mezzanine guarantee facility to support investment projects for Spanish SMEs. The operation will allow BBVA to offer up to €1 billion in SME funding. The agreement, which has secured backing from the Investment Plan for Europe (also known as the ‘Junker Plan’) was signed today in Madrid by EIB Vice-President Román Escolano and BBVA CEO Carlos Torres Vila.

29 May 2017

22 May 2017

18 May 2017

The B20 -a forum made up by companies from G20 countries– plays a key role as a liaison between governments and the economy. It is “an essential link between the real economy and the authorities that have regulatory powers over that economy,” says José Manuel González-Páramo, Executive Board Director of BBVA. Companies also act as drivers of economic growth and inclusion. For this reason, the B20 “is crucial at this point in time.”

09 May 2017

08 May 2017

03 May 2017

01 May 2017

20 Apr 2017

31 Mar 2017

No matter how good an idea or wonderfully designed a project are, without relying on the right collaborators, mentors and entrepreneurs, success is likely to remain elusive for entrepreneurs. Five years ago, Momentum started nurturing an ecosystem that has continued to grow ever since, bringing participants together and promoting collaboration and synergies.

30 Mar 2017

There are around 170,000 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Uruguay. They create more than 60% of jobs and are responsible for more than 40% of the industrial, trade and services sectors’ production. The importance of this sector for the country’s economy has led BBVA Uruguay to join the regional project ‘Camino al éxito’ (‘The Road to Success’), a program integrated in the BBVA Group’s Responsible Business Plan. The main goal is to increase the number of SME customers.

10 Mar 2017

08 Mar 2017

Wanted: entrepreneurs, CEOs, mathematicians, scientists. The fintech world needs more female talent. This is the irrefutable conclusion of the many different studies on the subject. Experts say it isn’t simply a question of numbers. There are also much more profound factors that could benefit industries such as the fintech sector. Given their influence in the global economy, women can help develop specific products and solutions for needs that have not yet been identified, or sufficiently explored.

02 Mar 2017

01 Mar 2017

27 Feb 2017

13 Feb 2017

08 Feb 2017

Aquilino Peña is one of the founders of the venture capital fund Kibo Ventures. Over the next five years, they are planning to invest around 80 million euros in the most promising startups in the market, such as Vilynx, a company based in Barcelona and Palo Alto that hopes to compete in the world of videos against the all-powerful IBM.

01 Feb 2017

20 Jan 2017

BBVA’s Global Executive Chairman says that the global financial system will experience a major overhaul that will drastically reduce the number of institutions from the current 20,000 to no more than a few dozen players. “BBVA will be one of them,” he indicated, adding that, “BBVA wants to be a truly digital house.” He also recalled that it’s important to “master the exponential technologies such as the cloud, AI, and big data” in order to be a player in this new league.

30 Dec 2016

07 Nov 2016

04 Nov 2016

13 Oct 2016

10 Oct 2016