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Escuchar Audio

Jessica Grose is a novelist and essayist. Her works of non-fiction have appeared in the The Los Angeles Review of Books, The New York Times Magazine and The Paris Review Daily, among other publications.  She has a Master´s degree in creative writing from The New School, a Master's degree in cultural reporting and criticism from New York University and a Bachelor's in anthropology from Princeton University. Grose published her debut novel, Hysteria, in 2020.

24 Jun 2021


Escuchar Audio

Doug Lemov is the founder of Uncommon Schools. Rare are the elementary schools that use their own teaching methodology based on values such as respect, hard work and kindness so that students love school from the beginning.

02 Jun 2020

23 Apr 2019

Numerous activities were arranged at BBVA's headquarters in Madrid in celebration of World Book Day, observed internationally on April 23. The purpose was to underscore the important role literature, specifically books, plays in culture and education.

20 Jul 2018

13 Jul 2018

02 Jan 2018

Every day, new applications and software are making our devices more efficient and our society better connected. But if you want to step back and take a wider view of the digital economy and its impact on all aspects of society, these eleven books, all published in recent months, can prove both entertaining and useful.

19 Sep 2017

31 Aug 2017

The latest issue of the magazine La revista de Occidente includes the translation of an article by Peter Galison entitled “The journalist, the scientist and objectivity.” It describes the ease with which images are manipulated in today´s world. This has caused publications such as Science magazine to create protocols to prevent the presentation of manipulated illustrations. The perversion of information also reaches the world of journalism, where false rumors are propagated with a singular force.

21 Aug 2017

30 May 2017

If there’s something Adam Zagajewski understands, or rather, doesn’t understand, it’s the notion of borders, because the city limits of the place where he grew up are now very different. The Polish poet and essayist, several short-listed as a candidate for the Nobel Prize, discussed this idea of blurred homelands with Juan Manuel Bonet, Director of the Instituto Cervantes, during a conversation on European culture held at the BBVA Foundation to mark the 20th anniversary of the Sibila magazine.

03 Jan 2017

From recipes for some of their famous dishes to cooking tips and numerous stories and anecdotes about El Celler de Can Roca and its tours with BBVA around the world. These are just some of the things you can find in these books on the Roca brothers, which show us how their art and mastery go far beyond the kitchen at El Celler.

30 Dec 2016

21 Sep 2016

11 Jul 2016

Summer is finally here! While many of us may picture ourselves jetting off to a tropical island to do nothing but enjoy cocktails while bathing in a secluded beach…  the truth is that, unfortunately, due to a lack of money and time, some of us will have to save our dreams for later and spend the summer in the city. But, hey, it’s ok! There are thousands plans waiting for you - low-cost, even for free - and you probably didn’t know anything about them.

05 Jul 2016

Leer en español

That technology can reach almost anywhere is a half-truth. A festival where people dress in white, wearing red bandanas tied around their necks, holding rolled-up newspapers in their hands, doesn’t sound quite like the ideal breeding ground for technology innovation. But, however, technology has made its way deep into the heart of celebration, far deeper than what one could guess at first glance. Now that the txupinazo, the inaugural rocket launch, is just a few hours away, maybe it is the right time to take a look at the techies side of Pamplona and the Sanfermines, the running of the bulls.

24 Apr 2016

04 Mar 2016

Leticia Gasca is a guru who wants to tell the more adventurous the truths about the entrepreneurship scene. It's not all about smiles, closed deals and instant income, and this is why she founded Fuckup Nights, a movement that encourages entrepreneurs to talk about their failures. Gasca is one of the 33 innovators featured in the ebook Hablan los protagonistas ( The key players speak).

22 Feb 2016

It is increasingly common to hear that the Spanish language is becoming impoverished as a result of the general lack of knowledge about our own lexical diversity. Fundéu BBVA, in partnership with Molino de Ideas, wanted to leave behind these preconceptions and conduct an in-depth study of the written press in Spain from 1914 to 2014 as part of its Aracne project. Its work will contribute to improve the use of Spanish and offer a full picture of how society changes through language.

09 Dec 2015

Education and Culture are two of the spheres of social intervention which are most important to BBVA. The Group has made a firm commitment to Education, as we understand it to be a fundamental pillar for building and developing fairer and more egalitarian societies.

13 Oct 2015

09 Oct 2015

07 May 2015

BBVA Chairman Francisco González today presented a new book called Reinventing the company in the digital era. It contains the thoughts of specialists from different fields of knowledge on how the revolution driven by information technology is transforming the principles we use in our work and business activities. Apart from Francisco González, the participants at the presentation included other co-authors: Philip Evans (Boston Consulting Group), Alison Maitland (London Cass Business School), and Celia de Anca and Salvador Aragón, both from IE Business School.

23 Feb 2015

10 Apr 2014

Francisco González, chairman & CEO of BBVA, presented the book Change: 19 Key Essays on How the Internet Is Changing Our Lives Wednesday afternoon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. The book, which compiles the views of distinguished specialists from various fields of knowledge, is the sixth edition of an annual series published by BBVA that explores the key issues of our age.