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27 Nov 2023

09 Feb 2021

18 Sep 2019

Good financial health is a growing and serious concern. Individuals who exhibit financial vulnerability may spread negative effects to their households, compromising their well-being. It is therefore critical to understand financial health and the extent to which it can contribute to improved financial resilience. According to a recent report by BBVA Research, digitalization and financial education are key elements to be included in any public or private measures intended to help improve individual financial resilience.

24 May 2019

Homeownership has always been a part of the American dream. All you have to do is work hard, and you can get your piece of the economic pie. We're a country built on the promise of social mobility, and for many Americans, owning a home means you made it to the top.

17 Sep 2018

27 Jul 2018

02 Mar 2018

26 Feb 2018

09 Feb 2018

When it comes to how much home you can afford, the answer is not always as cut and dried as the pre-qualification you receive from your lender, says BBVA Compass Director of Real Estate Originations Jose Pascual.

Pascual says that lenders do their best with what they’re given in order to pre-qualify customers for an affordable amount, but there are considerations outside their purview that borrowers should also consider.

05 Feb 2018

Deciding to buy a home ranks among the biggest decisions a person can make, which is why it’s wise to go into the process with eyes wide open to your unique financial situation. Doing so will help ensure that before pen hits paper on the loan application, the approval that will get you the house of your dreams is in the proverbial bag.

There are a few steps anyone looking to get a home loan - aka mortgage - can take before application in order to be sure that they are best positioned for approval.

20 Sep 2017

15 Sep 2017

A complete picture of the damage wrought by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is still coming into focus, but what is clear is that among the hardest hit are homeowners.

For these homeowners, many without flood insurance, starting the rebuilding process can be an overwhelming task, and just knowing where to begin to get the money needed to rebuild may seem complicated. According to BBVA Compass Insurance Agency Managing Director Analicia Geisen, a good place to start is with the homeowner’s insurance company.

18 Aug 2017

12 Jul 2017

The agreement reached with Metrovacesa Suelo y Promoción (hereinafter Metrovacesa S.A), in which BBVA holds a stake, represents a significant step forward in the bank’s real estate strategy.  BBVA participated in a non-monetary capital increase, together with the other shareholders, through which the bank will transfer high-potential land holdings intended for housing developments valued at €431 million.

27 Jun 2017

23 Jun 2017

24 May 2017

01 May 2017

17 Apr 2017

Users of the Catalonia-based platform exchange their homes, a service they can access by invitation only, and in which money is not the important thing. The only requirement is to have a creative home.

07 Apr 2017

BBVA Compass’ investment in a newly constructed affordable housing project in Fort Worth was held up as a model of public and private cooperation last week during a VIP tour of the facility.

BBVA Compass is relying on a variety of vehicles -- including $16.3 million in federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity, a $17.2 million construction loan, $5.7 million in permanent debt, $1.2 million from the City of Fort Worth and $700,000 from the City of Fort Worth Housing Finance Corporation -- to finance the 140-unit development known as Columbia at Renaissance Square.

16 Mar 2017

15 Feb 2017

Momentum, BBVA's program in support of social entrepreneurship, is today a benchmark in the sector. Since its first edition in 2011, it has driven the expansion process of 56 companies with high social impact in Spain, 30 in Mexico and six in Peru. Many of them have succeeded in making a niche for themselves in the market thanks to their pioneering products or new approaches to business.

17 Jan 2017

22 Sep 2016

04 Jul 2016

BBVA Group and the Regional Government of Catalonia signed a deal to roll out a social housing project. Within the framework of the agreement, the institution will temporarily transfer tenancy rights over 1,800 housing units to the Generalitat.  The 8-year agreement also sets out a social inclusion plan to improve the personal prospects of the beneficiaries. With this social agreement, BBVA’s social housing portfolio now stands at 7,000 units in Spain.

29 Apr 2016

03 Feb 2016

  • Record income: Gross income for the full year and for the fourth quarter reached a new record: €23.68 billion (up 10.9% y-o-y) and €6.15 billion (up 6.6% on the same period last year), respectively
  • Risks: BBVA Group's NPL ratio improved to 5.4% at year-end vs. 5.8% in 2014, with coverage ratio of 74%
  • Capital: BBVA's CET1 ratio fully-loaded was 10.3% at the end of 2015 following a solid evolution in the last quarter. It rose 57 basis points from October to December
  • Transformation: Digital banking is making further gains in terms of customer satisfaction and digital sales. At the end of the year 19.2% of new consumer credits in Spain were sold through digital channels. In Mexico this figure was 29.6%

25 Oct 2013

  • Results: Earnings remain strong despite the complex environment, thanks to BBVA’s diversified model and the strength of emerging markets. Gross income for the first nine months comes to €16.30 billion. Net income reaches €3.08 billion, 85.8% more than the same period a year earlier
  • Risks: As expected, BBVA has carried out this quarter an extraordinary and demanding exercise that has led to a reclassification to non performing of €3.86 billion of refinanced loans in Spain. Following the exercise, the Group’s NPA ratio, excluding real estate activity in Spain, stands at 4.6% and the NPA ratio of the Spanish banking activities stands 6.2%. 41% of NPLs are up to date with payments
  • Capital adequacy: The core capital ratio for the Group increased to 11.4% at the end of September, based on current Basel regulation. The ratio does not include the impact from the sales of the pension business in Chile, the 5.1% stake in China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited and the franchise in Panama. Such effect under Basel III fully loaded would lead to an increase of about one percentage point
  • Dividend: From 2014 onwards, BBVA intends to put in place a shareholder remuneration policy in accordance with the Group’s growth profile, with a cash dividend payout of 35% to 40% of profit. Taking into account the recommendation of the Bank of Spain, BBVA will not pay a dividend in January 2014, and intends to increase the shareholder remuneration payable in April 2014 to a total of 17 euro cents per share through the “dividend option” scheme