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Customer satisfaction and protection

15 Feb 2023

09 Jan 2023

The growing demand for digital financial services around the world has brought with it an increase in exposure to digital crime and fraud. With 47.8 million digital customers worldwide, BBVA has put its customers' protection and trust as a fundamental pillar of its strategy to combat this situation. In 3 years, the bank has managed to prevent up to 75% of fraud, strengthening customer protection.

02 Dec 2022

30 Dec 2021

25 Mar 2021

22 Mar 2021

26 Feb 2021

29 Jan 2021

27 Jan 2021

28 Oct 2020

In a year marked by a global pandemic, racial and civil unrest, a depressed economy leading to mass unemployment and a polarizing political landscape, it’s easy to believe that companies should simply be in survival mode and cut straight to the basics of their business.

29 Jul 2020

Advances in artificial intelligence and mobile technology have led many banks to consider using virtual assistants to provide their customers with personal and portable financial managers. In this article, BBVA design manager, Julián García Ruiz, describes the challenge BBVA undertook and the path that led to the creation of the bank’s virtual assistant, Blue.

28 Jul 2020

10 Jul 2020

11 May 2020

31 Mar 2020

24 Mar 2020

10 Mar 2020

17 Jan 2020

02 Dec 2019

27 Nov 2019

04 Nov 2019

07 May 2019

Garanti Bank provides its SME clients a dedicated in-branch customer relationship manager who support clients in their banking needs. Now, these clients have access to a new service: Central Customer Service (Merkezi Müşteri Hizmetleri, or MHT). This new structure aims to provide clients a faster response to queries and transactions when the volume of requests is high

13 Mar 2019

Garanti Bank recently published its 2018 Integrated Annual Report with an important new feature. The report includes a “True Stories” theme this year: real stories about the experiences Garanti employees have had with customers across Turkey, in their own words. Garanti is the first and only bank in Turkey to publish an integrated annual report that includes information on the value the bank creates for customers.

06 Feb 2019

29 Nov 2018

02 Oct 2018

Switzerland is the global center of private banking and a country many investors go to in search of diversification. But private banking is much more than that. It involves constant striving to understand the complexity of the financial markets in order to offer customers the best advice possible.

11 Jul 2018

02 Mar 2018

Fair-trade coffee, quality guarantee, ecological tomatoes… consumers read the labels on the things they eat. But is there any way of checking that what they say is correct? In order to do so, you would need a register of the processes to which the product has been submitted, something blockchain can do.

20 Feb 2018

Switzerland is currently the world’s largest private banking center, accounting for 25% of the global market. The country has a deep-rooted wealth management tradition, offering the perfect combination of experience, precision and a strong work ethic within a highly unstable geopolitical environment.